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Mnd Bod Pilates Class


Explore the symbiotic relationship between breath and body in this Mnd Bod Pilates Class. Dive into deep stabilizing core activation, full body engagement, and cultivate mindfulness through intentional movement. By tapping into the power of your breath, you’ll enhance your connection with your body, fostering a deeper sense of awareness and alignment. Join Kayla as we embark on a journey of holistic well being through mindful pilates. 

Kayla Principato is a NYC based pilates instructor who specializes in mindful movement. A former professional athlete with a lifelong affinity for holistic wellness, her teaching style prioritizes the mind-body connection, helping students develop inner awareness to connect with their body and cultivate strength from within. Kayla believes pilates is about more than just physical strength—it’s about achieving true balance and alignment. Kayla’s unique full body approach inspires people to lead healthier, more balanced lives beyond the mat and reformer.
Fabric & Care

Our activewear is super soft, four-way stretch and sweat-wicking, our signature fabric. 90% Supplex and 10% Lycra—is at once soft and strong.

Our knitwear is a natural regenerated cellulose fiber. This high-tech micro-rib is comparable to a silk without compromising strength. 30% Silk, 40% Tencel, 30% Polyester.

Machine wash cold. Ethically produced in our in our factory in Los Angeles, California.

Taglia e vestibilità

Veste perfettamente la taglia. Il nostro modello è alto 1,70 e indossa la taglia Small. Visualizza la tabella delle taglie .

La vestibilità è il nostro forte. Ciascuno dei nostri modelli è stato adattato almeno dieci volte prima della produzione e cerchiamo costantemente di perfezionarlo, raccogliendo il feedback dei clienti e della comunità e incorporandolo nel nostro ciclo di produzione. I nostri modelli più longevi sono stati perfezionati nel corso degli anni per garantire che il prodotto finale offra la vestibilità più solidale e lusinghiera possibile, in ogni taglia.


We're proud that much of our knitwear yarns are responsibly sourced, including ECOVERO™, recycled cashmere, recycled polyester, and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton. Our lightweight knits are crafted through the innovative Recycle to Upcycle initiative.

Our commitment extends to local production in our own factory in Los Angeles, California. Our nearby mill has modernized dye equipment and dryers, reducing water use by 50%, gas consumption by 45%, and chemical use by 30%.

Our activewear is meticulously crafted without microplastics, ensuring our garments do not release harmful particles into the environment or your bloodstream. We are committed to sustainability and well-being, offering activewear that supports a cleaner, safer world.

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