Your Venus

Your Venus

My name is: Rebecca Gordon.

My stomping ground is: New York City.

I’m known for being: An astrologer.

I'm talking about: Astrology courses, digital calendars, astrology readings, columns and books—and the “Karmic Relationships” webinar you can experience for free here!

You can find it at:

Before I launched this, I was: I began my astrology practice seeing clients and teaching at age 25 after a decade of studying the stars while doing a lot of other sundry things for work in NYC. Prior to being an astrologer, I made costumes for performance artists (including myself), welded metal, played the cello and spoke about the stars to any humans who cared to listen. I also was a fashion stylist and worked at an art gallery for a bit. At 24, I attended my first astrology conference and left my “day job” a few months after. The path of astrology swept me up and it was as if I willingly had no choice.

My interest was sparked when: I cannot remember a time when I was not in awe of astrology—from the age of 4 when I began to collect astronomy books to age 14 when I opened up my first dust-covered astrology book. Astrology is the poetry of life and language of all energy. Planets which are billions of miles away from Earth have tremendous impact and relevance in our daily lives. This is what sparks my interest every single day: the mere fact that astrology works and works extremely well. It puts you in touch with a world of mythos and magic that lives in concert with the world of logic. I get to bear witness to this music of the spheres playing out above and participate in the song on Earth.

What inspired me to start this was: I began teaching astrology initially because I could not find any other astrologers to study with. I wanted to create a space for the cosmic conversations to happen, as well as an open environment for learning.  

What I offer is: Alongside running the astrology school and cosmic coaching, I have recently created the first digital astrology calendar, STARSYNC. It’s super convenient for astrology to live in your iCal, as this way it is right there informing you about the best times and days for love, launches, health and travel. I also have recently worked on an exclusive astrology scarf for Christian Louboutin. If you’re interested in learning about the astrology of health, I have a book out called, Your Body and the Stars, and I also write the astrology column at Harper’s Bazaar.

What makes it different is: Our bodies are made from the elements found in supernovas combined with various ecologies on Earth, so I created an approach to chart reading called “Ecosystems Astrology.” This allows you to understand your personality as an actual ecosystem. Like, say for example, your chart may translate into an arid desert, a volcano in the ocean or a dense forest. This is also how I approach relationship astrology and Astrology for Entrepreneurs. You can extract your greatest skills and also conquer challenges by seeing the chart as an actual ecosystem. This approach to astrology not only grounds it; it brings us back into harmony and appreciation for all ecologies.

One thing you can’t miss is: The universe is finally giving us a break in 2022. I am loving the winter/spring skies as planets enter water signs to soften things up after two years of challenging configurations in (dry) earth and air signs. This made for a very divisive landscape. Jupiter enters Pisces and Venus, Mars and Jupiter travel close through the spring, inviting in more love, acceptance and compassion. On April 30, a solar eclipse in Taurus will deliver an opportunity of expedited evolution. Keep your sails ready, as these currents will take you far and fast.

My favorite secret detail is: Astrology is truly a study of compassion. When you explore another's sky map and realize that person may be arriving with a vastly different ecology, it truly opens the heart. In relationships, it is essential to be aware of our own Venus and Mars signs as these are the ways we give and receive in the world. Your unique Venus-Mars signature reveals your desire nature and also the kind of partnership which best suits you. It is essentially - the divine feminine and the divine masculine which live within you. 

This can help you open your heart because: I have included a link here where you can cast your chart and then click here to download your Venus Love Guide based on the light and shadow of your unique Venus sign. 

Astrologically speaking, what this period holds for matters of the heart is: Finally, 2022 is a great year for love with Mars and Venus kissing in the skies from late Feb through early March. They do not meet again like this until 2024, so this will be a time to commit to how you wish to embody love. Early March holds tremendous promise for love, as the most magnificent new moon of the year opens doors on March 2 in the sign of Pisces. No matter what your zodiac sign is, all will benefit from this lunation in the weeks following March 2, as Jupiter and Neptune travel close to the new moon. Venus (the planet of love) meets Jupiter (planet of abundance) on April 30th, while a solar eclipse is happening. Love will be off the charts this spring. Go play in the magic.

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