The Moons Retreat with Le Paradox

The Moons Retreat with Le Paradox

My name is: Cecilia Musmeci.

I’m known for being: Founder & director of Le Paradox Creative Agency.

I’m hosting: The Moons Virtual Retreat.

It’s located at: We are launching it with great excitement on Live The Process’ Instagram account on June 21st to celebrate the new moon, eclipse and solstice. The event will go on the entire day and on replay on Live The Process IGTV. 

I had the idea of hosting virtual retreats when: I am a hardcore Kundalini yoga practitioner and, a few weeks ago, my teacher and mentor, Guru Jagat, hosted a deep yogic immersion on how to pivot businesses in the digital age. I channeled the whole concept in a very powerful meditation and refined it with her help and guidance. 

This retreat is special because: It’s a completely new and unheard of concept! I am bringing together the best healers, wellness advocates and modern magicians from all over the world to entertain Live The Process’ audience with mood-boosting, creative activities that they can enjoy in the comfort of their homes throughout the day. We’re crossing time and space to uplift and shift the community with positive messages of love and self-care, while tuning in with the moon and cosmic events. 

One thing you can’t miss is: Everything! Really the line-up is so good and the shares are going to be so interesting that even if you miss something you can go back to it afterward. 

My favorite secret detail is: When I honor my body and mind during important celestial events, it’s as if I got the hack to rule the universe. I feel so empowered, with my feet grounded in this world and my spirit flying high.

I never retreat without bringing: An open mind, open heart and desire to learn new things. 

To me, the word “nourish” means: Being whole from the inside out. 

During this challenging time, it’s so important to retreat and nourish yourself mind, body and soul because: We are facing an unprecedented pressure on the planet—the digital age, the pandemic, the lockdowns, the riots. We need to stand together as a community. Being in touch with yourself, having a clear idea of who you are and who you want to be, is paramount in the fight against fear mongering and in sharing a positive message of collectiveness and creativity. More than ever, self-care practices are a civic duty because if we are not stable and secure within ourselves, we can’t be a forklift and help others. 

Photographs by Stephanie Lou

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