The Maker: Alexandria Coe

The Maker: Alexandria Coe

My name is: Alexandria Coe.

I’m known for being: The one who draws nudes.


I’m a maker of: Simple line drawings and artworks.

Making is an important part of my personal process because: It feels like the most natural thing for me to do. It makes me feel human and grounded. 

Using your hands to create and experiment is rewarding because: Touch is such a truly important part of human existence. I really think we have learned this year how important it is. Even if it’s not human contact, I think using our hands gives us that sensory feeling and satisfaction that calms and connects us.

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, it helps me feel: Confident and supported. Moving is so important to me; I trained as a yoga teacher and now love to run and move in any way. Keeping my body moving helps me keep a positive body image and feel pretty powerful.

This month, one way I’ll show self-love will be: We are in a lockdown in London (hopefully for the last time), so I’m using it to find time to have conversations with myself and learn more about what I really need. I’m taking the time to truly unwind and look after myself.

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