The Magic of Your Moon Sign

The Magic of Your Moon Sign



Your moon sign is determined by which zodiac sign the moon was in at the moment of your birth. The moon sign represents our emotional component, what is now called our “emotional intelligence.”

The moon also represents how you feel about emotions (both yours and other people’s), how receptive you are to others, how inclined you are to reflect upon what you are experiencing, how you feel about nurturing yourself and others, and more. It all depends on the sign the moon is in and its angular relationship to the other planets. It’s also important to understand your moon sign in relation to your sun sign. 

When you are born, the odds are against both the sun and the moon being in the same sign. If your sun and moon signs are the same, you are doubly likely to have an outlook on the world that is colored by that particular sign. For most of us, however, the sun and the moon in our chart can be found in different signs. 

Virtually all the birth charts you can obtain online will spell out which of the twelve signs of the zodiac is your moon sign, just as most of them also list your sun and rising signs. If you do not have your birth chart, go to and get it—it’s free!

Some signs of the zodiac can blend harmoniously and some combinations present challenges. This is why it’s so important to know your moon sign, as well as your sun sign and rising sign.

In our newest book, Mindful Astrology: Finding Peace of Mind According to Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (out on April 20th!), we describe your moon sign personality. Check out yours in this exclusive excerpt:


Power is an important issue for people with the moon in Aries. You are intelligent, quick-tempered, and courageous. You are self-reliant and your job may take you from place to place. You are much better at directing others than at being able to stick to details and routine. But make sure that you have mastered your own technique, so that you will be qualified to be “the boss.” People with an Aries moon (or sun) are often considered bossy by other, less driven signs.


Having a plan and a system is crucial for you. You are determined, ambitious, and independent. You like to stay in one place, and this desire prompts you to invest in real estate. You like to own things, especially houses and tracts of land. You like music and often have a melodious voice. You become rather fixed in your habits and cannot tolerate deviation from your system. You should follow your plan so you can become independent.


Progress is the operative word for people born when the moon was in the sign of Gemini. To make it easier for you to achieve the consensus necessary for progress, your moon sign helps you have a flexible mind-set. You are candid, sincere, and, of course, progressive, though you have an ever-changing definition of that word. You are always busy, even when at rest. You can hatch more ideas in a given time than a dozen others put together, unless there is another moon in Gemini person among them. 



You have a very emotional nature if you were born when the moon was in Cancer. Where you grew up is important to you, and if you overcome your tendency to stick close to home, you may find your new place resembles your old one in some important way. You take your obligations seriously and are close to your mother. She might depend on you, or you on her. In your own quiet way, you have great tenacity of purpose.


You need to feel proud of yourself and will stand up for everyone and everything you are proud of. When you like someone, you tell them, and you want the same. You like to play and may sometimes tease someone, but if they do not see it that way, they will think you are serious! Be aware of how you consider yourself important; you may exaggerate or otherwise try to attract attention if your feelings aren’t respected. 


Be aware that you tend to analyze and worry about your emotions. It can make you wrongly believe that others don’t like you, but they do. It’s you who doesn’t like yourself, just like most self-aware people, but with your tendency toward perfectionism you judge yourself more harshly than others, to the point where you actually punish yourself by denying yourself what you want or need. This tendency will lighten up if you lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously.


Dependability is something that you strive for and you require it in your partners. You are a clear thinker, warmhearted, faithful, loyal, and courteous. You dress well, have good manners, and do not consciously like to offend anyone, although you are aggressive when you decide to confront someone or something you consider to be unfair. Because Libra is the natural horoscope house that rules marriage, you can see what an important influence your life mate has on you and vice versa.


Others are confused by your moods because you are, too! Don’t take your emotions too seriously. Take your passion seriously. No one can discover or keep a secret the way you can, if you really want to. Avoid jealousy and exposing other people’s secrets as much as you can. We would also caution you against trying to obtain some kind of revenge against someone you believe wronged you. Your emotions can lead you to sting yourself, like a scorpion does in the heat of battle.


You are broad-minded, sincere, and voluble if you have your moon in Sagittarius in your birth chart. You are quick, optimistic, and agreeable. This position frequently denotes prophetic qualities. You like animals, sports, and the social side of life. You are not a recluse and actually need to be able to get outside every day to feel complete. You work well alone or with others and frequently have outstanding talents, especially the ability to have faith in your project, your team, or your organization—a true inspiration. 


People with a Capricorn moon are prudent and economical, and they want to fit in with those who are respected, successful, or an authority in some way. You are a good administrator and although you like to be exclusive, you can mingle with others when it suits your purpose. Politics and business are areas of life where many moon in Capricorn people are found because that placement enables them to do what they have to do and not what they would like to do.


You must feel free to experiment and feel as you wish with whomever you wish. You control your feelings but reveal them at odd times. Emotional displays and even affection can sometimes annoy you, though you are not sure why this is so. People with the moon in Aquarius are great in a crisis but often get surprisingly crabby after the crisis has passed. You never stay down no matter what the setback to your hopes and aspirations. You have the instinct for rapid recovery.


Yours is a harmonious and composed personality. You like to have peace wherever you are. Strife and discord affect your health. You can express yourself easily and enjoy all the things that are beautiful and colorful. Your best work is done in quiet places. Medicine, art, religion, and service work call many who have the moon in Pisces. You are so sensitive to the suffering of other people that when anyone of whom you are fond is in distress, you feel it with almost bodily impact. 

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