The Fix: Anne Biging

The Fix: Anne Biging

My name is: Anne Biging.

I’m known as: Founder and CEO of Healing Hotels of the World.

My expertise is in: Global healing hospitality.

Most recently, I’m working on: At the begin of the global pandemic, it became clear that we’d have to look more deeply into our business structure and what we could offer. Under the heading of “Healing @ Home,” we created a virtual extension of the healing services for consumers worldwide who cannot travel. Upcoming, we’re hosting two virtual retreats: “Wisdom of the Heart”on October 3rd and “Clarity of Mind” on October 10th.

I stay physically healthy with: Healing begins for me at soul level and it is a lifelong journey. I do the obvious, like daily yoga and meditation. My personal favorite online yoga is from the Ananda in the Himalayas, our founding “Healing Hotel.” For me, it’s the best yoga in the world.

I also love hiking and anything that happens in nature is super nurturing for me. I eat healthy food and am vegan and have been gluten-free for five years now.

I keep my emotions balanced with: In my rather long life, I’ve found that keeping good company is key to my happiness. Also, for me, sleep is a sacred act and I avoid having anything negative around me, especially at night. The books I read, the films I watch—there must be a reason for me to read them, a learning, a laughter, a lightheartedness. I do not engage in any drama or anything like that.

Daily meditation is also key for me.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I love to study the ancient Indian scriptures. I get so much from checking in with my inner self. That is my guidance actually for all in my life.

I was recently transformed by: The pandemic is an amazing teacher and is hard for so many people. I am aware of this. While our business and financials have been hit hard, we’ve taken this as an opportunity to go deeper—deeper into the understanding of what life is all about. The pandemic reveals the true values of life!

In this tumultuous time, my favorite place to connect with nature, stay grounded and heal is: From where I live in Cologne, I can drive in less than six hours to the Bavarian Alps—a huge mountain region. This is my healing playground, where I most love to hike.

Within my city, I walk almost every day in a beautiful park and also work out a bit at the outdoor gym there. Also riding my bike anywhere along the river Rhine, which flows through Cologne, or just through pretty neighborhoods is very healing for me.

My approach to travel in this uncertain time is: Stay at home as much as I can and drive instead of flying. I miss my friends all over the world, but we are so deeply connected with our hearts. I miss the beauty of the Australian bush and the desert in Africa. But I feel comforted by the awesome parks and trees of my home. 

Travel helps me live my process because: I do not actually have to travel to live my life’s purpose, as long as I can connect with people all over the world.

Image via Alexis Christodoulou

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