Sunny Days

Sunny Days

Sometimes, when the mood strikes, I have a short ritual I like to do: I close my eyes and think about the sun, envisioning gleams of light falling across my face. They feel warming, bright and happy and, as a result, I feel more positive and filled with abundance too. Imagining those golden rods of illumination helps me shine from the inside out.

So, for May, as we come out of winter and into full spring (on so many levels), we decided to focus on people, experiences, products and/or creations that emit a kind of—sometimes literal, sometimes figurative—brightness. The sun is invigorating and it’s important to honor all the vibrancy and expansion it can bring to all of us, daily.

There’s a Roald Dahl quote that often resonates with me, “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” It seems simple, but it’s true—and not just about how you look. This infusion of vitamin D that has felt dormant through this long winter, for what has felt like an eternity, is starting to reappear, as we also tiptoe out and take tentative first steps.

Our hope is that this month you’ll take note of how this life force makes you feel, connecting to its light to find empowerment and passion. So, on a beautiful morning, when the sun is shining and you wake up feeling good because of it, walk outside and, as the glimmering light makes you smile, recognize that this is the energy that you are receiving and putting back out into the universe.

When you are able to really, consciously appreciate the sunlight, you can apply that feeling to all aspects of your life, shining your own light on yourself and others. The sun is always there to teach and guide, giving strength and clarity, as the supreme cosmic power.

x Robyn

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