Stargazing with Rose Theodora

Stargazing with Rose Theodora

For Rose Theodora, astrology is a “path to change”—a way to heal, move forward, enact self-love.

That perspective is in keeping for someone whose background includes not only creating and reading natal charts, but also exploring neuroscience and art. As an astrologer, writer and curator, she has created “colorastrology”—a unique system that marries aesthetic preferences and the wisdom of the stars to ignite the psychological and neurological responses of each unique individual. In this way, she helps clients create healthy lifestyles that are empowering and specific to their needs, not boilerplate. Throughout her career, she has also curated exclusive content and experiences for everyone from Cartier and Laura Mercier to Fender and Gagosian Gallery.

We’re lucky enough to have her in residence for an event this month at Process Studio and to share a few of her amazing insights here:

Live The Process: How did you first discover astrology? Was it impactful from the beginning?

Rose Theodora: From my mother’s astrology books. It was impactful, yes, because I couldn't identify with my sign’s attributes and was intrigued to find out why. My sun sign is Cancer and the synonymous traits listed (homebody, nostalgic, overly sensitive) were not ones I’d use to describe myself—nor did I find them empowering. I’m addicted to traveling and am one of the least nostalgic people you'll meet; I believe in living in the present and not clinging to the past (the antithesis of a Cancer). As I dove deeply into a world that would soon envelop me, in search of why I had been pigeonholed, I discovered that my MC (the top of the natal chart, which correlates to who we are in the world) is Sagittarius; I have an Aquarius rising and only have my sun in Cancer in the 5th house. I realized how individual astrology could be.

LTP: How did you come to marry astrology with your other expertise—in neuroscience and art? 

RT: There’s a collective consensus that can create a type of social pressure about what’s healthy. I’ve found, through my practice and research, that everyone is so individual and "healthy" means something entirely different for almost every person. For example, most preferences (food, color, even exercise) are shown in one’s natal makeup. When we familiarize ourselves with our individual astrological makeup, our innate rhythms, and work with them consciously through the use of color and intentional choice, we can passively create lasting changes. Through neuroplasticity, we can get to a place of wholeness, self-acceptance and empowerment that speaks to us us on an individual basis rather than as a collective. 

LTP: How would you describe your particular brand of astrology?

RT: Astrology, to me, is an intuitive and highly intellectual healing art. It’s is a constant reminder that we are an integral part of something bigger—this natural universe. I practice a synthesis of Medieval astrology (there’s so much richness in ancient wisdom that has been forgotten in the way contemporary astrology is practiced) and transpersonal astrology. 

LTP: What does the astrological landscape look like for the near future?

RT: Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Pisces starting February 16th, ending on March 9th in the sign Aquarius. I love retrogrades because they’re when we're permitted to pause and revisit the past few months, to sharpen our intuition, and to tap into our creative expression. 

LTP: How can astrology help us to practice self-love?

RT: Through astrology, a person can understand their love signature—how they express love and receive love or feel love in return. Self-love through the astrological lens is understanding yourself and accepting who you are, and practicing that daily. 

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

RT: Happiness is when I feel excited about whatever I'm creating, and when I'm loving and honoring myself and able to support others. 

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live The Process," and how can we all do that more each day?

RT: To me, “living the process” is bringing all facets of life into wholeness through conscious awareness, integration, and action—alchemy, in other words.

Connecting to nature daily reminds you of your essence and all that truly matters. 

Cover image via Atelier Aveus with @sixnfive

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