An Urban Sanctuary Escape to Stanford Court Hotel

An Urban Sanctuary Escape to Stanford Court Hotel

My name is: Margaux Lushing.

I'm known for being: The founder of healthy travel startup Well + Away. We make healthy travel kits and guidebooks to help you feel amazing on the road.

I’m talking about: Our new collaboration with Highgate’s Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco: Urban Sanctuary suites.

This is special because: Where else can you stay with a view overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, hearing the chimes of the trolley going by, and have access to a room filled with wellness amenities that will give you all the relaxation? Our partnership with Stanford Court includes 12 suites totally kitted out with my personal favorite wellness go-tos for traveling. We have a gear-lending program with Gaiam (so you don’t need to stuff in your fitness gear), a beautiful self-care book from Penguin, access to workout app Aaptiv and meditation app Calm and a beautiful new CBD tea from Buddha Teas. The icing on the cake is our signature Well + Away VitalKit, which is included in all Urban Sanctuary suites. Inside are our healthy travel necessities: an SF VitalGuide, a vegan protein bar from Square Organics, vegan white cheddar HipPeas, Justin’s cashew nut butter cups, a facial mist and a hangover beverage.

When it comes to well-being, we’re all about: Not sacrificing feeling good just because you’re away from home. Each element of these rooms is designed to help guests feel rested in the evening (meditation, reading, soothing teas) and uplifted in the day (protein bar, anti-hangover solution, a city guide book to get out and explore the healthy-hip hotspots in the area and a workout with Aaptiv). As an added bonus, everything edible in our kits and rooms is vegan, fair trade and gluten-free.

One thing you can’t miss is: Taking at least 30 minutes for yourself, no matter how many meetings you have or how many sights your friends want to see. Sip the chamomile CBD tea while flipping through The Spirit Almanac; or sit on one of the Gaiam meditation cushions while listening to a 10-minute Calm meditation. Or just try the gear lending program on a run through the city, as laid out in our VitalGuide. We have created this in-room experience to suit your needs. Take advantage and do something just for you, even if it’s something small.

My favorite secret detail is: I love this question and, honestly, I’m an open book and love talking about every little detail of the program and how special each element of the room is. Here are three: SF was the very first city to get a VitalGuide, so it has a special place in my heart. It set the tone for the rest of the series.

Or how about an Aaptiv workout recommendation? There are so many options, but I always go back to Rochelle’s Pop2k for a solid, three-mile treadmill run. If there is nobody else around in the fitness room, I will sing along (terribly) to the early aughts playlist. It’s my ultimate guilty pleasure workout.

Lastly, if you are new to meditation, Calm has a Daily Calm meditation it serves up each day. I always use it and can be easily overwhelmed by the other choices. Just opening the app and clicking play is the easiest way to get in a quick meditation!

Your body will thank you because: I think we all know that the benefits of sweating, meditating and a good self-pamper are plentiful. You will have more energy, sleep better and be more present to experience the treasures of San Francisco.

While you’re in the neighborhood, you must try: Jane on Larkin is great for coffee, fresh bread, smoothies, massive salads and a buzzy vibe. Or pop down to Nourish Cafe, about a 10-minute walk from Stanford Court, for vegan pastry if you want a sweet treat.

Escaping should be part of your process because: A good adventure is like a shake of an Etch-A-Sketch for the brain, I feel. I always return home feeling inspired and seeing things through a new lens.

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