A Mexican Escape to Rodavento Hotel’s Outdoor Spa

A Mexican Escape to Rodavento Hotel’s Outdoor Spa

My name is: Gustavo Martínez.

I'm known for being: General manager for Rodavento Hotels, Valle de Bravo.

I’m talking about: Our new, unique outdoor spa is one of a kind. It is immersed in the middle of the forest with a creek flowing slowly by. Just breathing and experiencing this natural environment is special. The spa is divided into two features: treatments and our hydrotherapy circuit.

This is special because: The outdoor experience is truly special, as you feel like you’re in the middle of the woods. Our spa concept, “Disconnect to Connect,” embodies our intention to create a much-needed, genuine chance to reconnect with yourself. All treatments are outdoor sports-inspired and really specific to those needs.

When it comes to well-being, we’re all about: Wellness comes from within. Rodavento is a special experience in itself—from the point you turn right into the forest, when you arrive for your special “cabin-like” experience, and begin to explore outdoor activities including the spa. Our chef is really spectacular too. He has created a special juice bar menu, where you will find freshly pressed natural juice, herb and spice combinations, as well as energy bars and healthy cookies.

One thing you can’t miss is: Our “Romantic” packages. Two that stand out are a contemporary “yurt” experience with jacuzzi soak and a couple’s treatment experience with dinner beside the creek.

My favorite secret detail is: Our favorite, but not yet well-known, offering would be the Hydrotherapy Night Experience. So far, it’s only available on Saturday nights until midnight. There’s no way to truly describe how deep into the forest you feel at night. Special drinks and treatments are available, while you reconnect with yourself in such a unique way.

Your body will thank you because: First of all, we have world-class therapists. And each treatment is out of the ordinary, as well as specialized to your sport or activity. So, you’ll leave any stress or soreness behind and become a more relaxed version of you. The hydrotherapy circuit is not only relaxing, but restorative and energizing too. After such a shock of temperatures, our bodies really reset and get ready for new activities.

While you’re in the neighborhood, you must try: We really recommend stopping by Nuestro, an authentic farm-to-table restaurant located at our sister property, La Casa Rodavento. Chef Alberto will delight you with fresh, natural local ingredients that combine ayurvedic, keto and natural diets.

Escaping should be part of your process because: A Valle de Bravo, Mexico escape is not only beautiful nature-wise, but enriching culturally. We are based in a Colonial town—with cobblestone streets—very close to Mexico City, one of the largest and most interesting cities in the world. You’ll love to wander the streets, observing the colorful local culture.

Escaping is part of my process because: Nowadays, we are so deeply pulled by our day-to-day activities that we forget to talk and listen to ourselves. Valle de Bravo, Rodavento and Rodavento Spa are unique destinations that will help you get back to yourself.

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