Press Reset: Athena Calderone

Press Reset: Athena Calderone

My name is: Athena Calderone.

I’m known for being: A creator of beauty, an author, a chef, an interior designer, founder of EyeSwoon and More Than One Thing podcast. Basically someone who straddles many hyphens!

For me, what it means to “reset” is: Quiet my mind. Find Stillness. Laugh. Dance. Cook. Style.

This year, my ritual for resetting will be: To give back to those less fortunate. To carry myself with kindness and empathy, first and foremost. Also, to set my bed daily!

It’s so important to clear the slate, especially in this challenging time, because: Our hearts are heavy for so many reasons—globally, politically, emotionally—and we all need some light and positivity right now. And that begins with each of us making a commitment within.

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, it helps me feel: Honestly, sexy and comfy at once! And in my body!

One word to encompass my hopes for 2021 is: Grace.

More on Athena Calderone’s journey here.

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