Practice Makes Purpose

Practice Makes Purpose

For me, creating something with purpose is the same as setting an intention. A chosen intention has the power to change your life; it’s a road map to your goals. That was essentially the origin story of Live The Process. 

Around 2010, I found myself on a search for purpose, a way of creating the life I wanted, the kind of world I wanted to live in, the kind of energy I wanted to attract. The idea for this brand was built on that foundation. There were layers to my thoughts—what I wanted to create, how I wanted to make a person feel.

My intentions were two-fold, as I wanted to develop product that would make people feel amazing, motivated and feminine, while also educating, teaching and giving a window into the magical journeys of introspective souls. I saw so clearly that I needed to answer both sides in order for me to realize my purpose. Basking in the afterglow of my own higher awakening, I wanted to help people feel, and be, connected, confident and soft, but also strong, and experience the beauty of meditative energy. Even the name was about intention and purpose. Instead of comparing ourselves to others or some expectation of where we should be, it’s about evolution and growth. That’s what made Live The Process so special. It was its own mantra, a way to live and let go.

Live The Process itself was my unspoken intention, what I wanted to put out into the universe. For me, creating with purpose is so powerful. If you truly believe in what you’re building, you can make it work. That’s why, this month, I wanted to highlight other brands that operate with a similar idealism and hear about what keeps them going and excited, what makes them ponder and feel truly passionate.

It’s a gift, I think, to create something that is ultimately bigger than you, as part of an ethos, more than just the status quo. The brands and founders who have put so much into what they’ve built should be recognized for the strength, courage, ambition and larger vision they’ve invested, as birthing anything with intention is a labor of love. 


x Robyn

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