Our Collective Mental Health

Our Collective Mental Health
“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” — Helen Keller

Over the course of this last year, conversations about mental health have become an everyday occurrence—a testament to the times. It’s become normal to check in with friends and family and make sure they are okay on a regular basis, to ask how someone is doing at the beginning of every email.

The pandemic has magnified all of our feelings. Lately, it seems like everywhere I go, I see inspirational quotes with beautiful graphics, meditations on life and its many mantras.

For most of us, especially now, managing our mental health is a daily process too, one we have to own and continuously work on. Being truly happy is a real a job and takes a lot of energy and consciousness to get there. It doesn’t just happen. It’s a choice and, for some, a very hard one.

Historically, mental health issues have come with very negative connotations, but I think, now more than ever, those struggles are being seen and understood with more understanding and empathy. It’s okay not be feeling 100 percent—or even 50 percent. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone; you are where you are and that is where you need to be right now. Each of our lives needs to follow its own course. It’s okay to be different. As long as you focus on one thing at a time, life can flow.

I’ve found that it’s important to be open to change, as, when you’re struggling, often self-care is one way you take your power back. That’s how you find the tools that can help you. The idea of having healing energy and the power to heal yourself can give you a strength that you never knew you had. It can be your gift in what is next. You are your most valuable investment, so protect, love and honor yourself. 

Personally, in difficult emotional moments, I’ve found help in many different sources: books, therapists, experts, healers, talking to friends and family. But it has been work. Life is not easy, but your journey is determined by your approach.

Hopefully, there is something out there that can work for everyone, but finding that thing can be challenging. I promise you are not alone, and those dark moments feed the light when you least expect it will shine. You don’t have to struggle in silence.

This month, in an effort to help de-stigmatize this important issue, we’re focusing on mental health (or “mental strength” as one of our experts calls it). We’ll be talking to people who approach emotional healing from wildly different perspectives—through traditional psychology, sharing personal stories, creating energetic space, giving intuitive guidance and more. Hopefully, we can offer some takeaways to help you on your own mental health journey. 

Just remember: your story matters because you matter—and you are absolutely enough.

x Robyn

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