Nesting with Claude Home

Nesting with Claude Home

For Maggie Holladay, home is a place of comfort and safety.

The born collector arrived in New York City at 18 years old to find her path. Soon after, she was organically inspired to create her IG-based vintage furniture company, Claude Home, as friends and collectors began asking to procure her finds.

Here, the nesting expert gives us her take on staying positive, peaceful and creative during this homebound time:

Live The Process: What is your concept of home? How has that evolved over time?

Maggie Holladay: For me, it’s a place where you feel safe, is calming and where you just really feel at home. My parents divorced when I was super young, so I was constantly packing weekend bags and everything just felt disorganized and not so calm. Now, just having all my stuff in one place, always waking up in the same bed and having everything organized is such a joy.

LTP: What first inspired you to create Claude Home?

MH: I became obsessed with hunting down small vintage items like marble espresso cups and onyx ashtrays. When friends would come over, they were always like, “Ah! Can I buy this from you?” After having the realization that I don’t need 14 ashtrays, I started Claude Home, where I can offer vintage furniture and home good items for sale.

LTP: Why was it important to you that it have a sustainable bent? 

MH: With the current state of the planet and where we are headed, it’s so important to me to do my part as much as I can. Claude Home is mainly vintage furniture, so, right there, that cuts out material waste and industrial pollution caused by big furniture manufacturing companies.

LTP: Right now, people all over the world are “stuck” in their homes. Do you have advice for helping people turn their homes into sanctuaries, even in small ways? 

MH: A fun thing to do is just rearrange your furniture. Moving your bed to a different place in your room may seem like a small thing, but even that can make your space feel new and exciting again. Right now, I am constantly playing French Jazz music, have fresh flowers everywhere and always have a candle lit, which is keeping me sane as I'm locked indoors.

LTP: How are you personally taking this moment to appreciate your home and project a positive vision?

MH: At a time like this, I like to think of my own home in a different way— not in a sort of chic, design sense, but with a sense of gratitude for being fortunate enough to have a home. There are so many ways to project positivity right now: donating to a cause, checking in on your friends, getting crafty while we have all this free time. Make a painting or even a playlist to share to someone! The smallest things are bringing people joy right now.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

MH: Night walks in the summer in NYC, listening to my current favorite playlist (most likely consisting of a lot of Elton John and ABBA). For some odd reason, that simple thing brings me so much happiness.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day? 

MH: For me, it's about taking things one day at a time and being okay if not everything works out exactly as planned.

All images via Claude Home

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