Live The Process with Robyn Berkley

Live The Process with Robyn Berkley

Live The Process offers a snapshot of one fascinating, fashion-conscious, driven and wellness-obsessed woman at a time.


Name: Robyn Berkley

What I do: Founder of Live The Process.

My must have Live The Process Piece: Geometric Legging in Black. It’s versatile and my go-to staple.

I wear it to: Yoga, Pilates or generally anywhere.

Life's biggest temptation or distraction: Massage or healing body treatments and remote beach destinations.

My latest wellness obsession: doTerra essential oils. Inhaling just two drops of peppermint oil is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea; the lemons are sourced from Italy and the lavender is from France. Every oil has its own indigenous history.

The secret to my process in a word(or three): Constant evolution.

My spirit animal is: My name is pretty well-suited. My spirit animal is a robin, always ready for new beginnings and enjoying life. I like to live, love, laugh and be happy, inviting positive energy for clarity and great wisdom.


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