Live The Process with Kumi Sawyers

Live The Process with Kumi Sawyers

Live The Process offers a snapshot of one fascinating, fashion-conscious, driven, and wellness-obsessed woman at a time.

Name: Kumi Sawyers

What I do: I am a yoga teacher and a massage therapist.

My must have Live The Process piece: The Corset Leotard

I wear it to: I love this piece because I can wear it to teach class and then throw a pair of high-waisted jeans over it and head to dinner.

Life’s biggest temptation or distraction: My biggest temptation is traveling. I crave nature, especially the ocean, so I'm constantly leaving in search of it. It distracts me from the craziness of the city and is what has allowed me to stay here for so long.

My latest wellness obsession: After I wash my face at night, I give myself a facial massage with oil. It is so nurturing and soothing, but it also relaxes the tight muscles in my face that cause wrinkles and block the flow of blood. It makes my face feel very loved—and so it glows. Everyone should do it!

The secret to my process in a word (or three): Vision.

My spirit animal is: the red tail hawk. Whenever I see one, I always know good things are coming my way.

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