Live The Process with Jordan Foster

Live The Process with Jordan Foster

Live The Process offers a snapshot of one fascinating, fashion-conscious, driven, and wellness-obsessed woman at a time.

Name: Jordan Foster Woodger

My must have Live The Process piece: The Geometric Legging I’m wearing! I love the extra support on my waist for yoga and Pilates.

I wear it to: I’m big on rotating classes, so I don’t get bored. I wear them to SoulCycle, New York Pilates, Tracy Anderson, Shadowbox and Y7 Yoga. Also, I wear them to work on days when I know I’ll be running around a lot!

Life’s biggest temptation or distraction: white wine, pasta and Instagram.

My latest wellness obsession: Y7 yoga. It’s heated, candlelit and they play rap music. It’s incredible.

The secret to my process in a word (or three): sleep, water and iced matcha.

My spirit animal is: my 6-year-old niece, Valentina. She’s everything I’d like to be!

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