Live the Process with Djuna Bel, Isabella Duddy, and Langley Fox

Live the Process with Djuna Bel, Isabella Duddy, and Langley Fox

Name: Djuna Bel

My must have Live The Process piece: The Corset Unitard.

Why: It’s the easiest piece to layer. I can wear it to pilates, to hike, and then throw a tee on top and run errands.

I wear it to: Lagree Pilates.

Life's biggest temptation or distraction: I'm a firm believer in moderation, so I'm happy to give into temptations and distractions. But honestly, my phone is probably my most annoying distraction.

My latest wellness obsession: Lymphatic facials and body treatments

My latest wellness obsession: Standard Process vitamins

The secret to my process: Moderation. Happiness. Mindfulness.

My spirit animal is: Choupette.

Name: Isabella Crisman Duddy

What I do: Founder of Cove Collective | Marketing, PR, Branding, Social Commerce

My must have Live The Process piece: The Geometric Legging

Why: I love the versatility and the ability to wear the leggings high or low-waisted (depending on what type of mood you're in). I also think the color blocking is super flattering.

I wear it to: Hiking, pilates, and just in my daily life of running around.

Life’s biggest temptation or distraction: Wanderlust and wanting to travel and experience new things. Social media: I do it for a living, so am constantly on Instagram, more than I want to admit.

My latest wellness obsession: I'm obsessed with oats. I make different types of oatmeal every morning. I cook in hemp milk with a little cinnamon, flax and mix in different things every day. Somedays I do Vitamineral Greens, sometimes Sunpotion powders, sometimes grade-A maple syrup and almond butter; and I always top with fresh fruit.

My latest wellness obsession: Sunpotion Mushrooms. I love their Reishi (aka Queen Mushroom Healer) and Chaga . They're excellent for immune support and stress release. Running a business and chasing around my 18 month old is exhausting and takes a toll on my body. I love discovering new products that are good for both the mind and body.

The secret to my process: Moderation in all aspects of life. Eating clean, but also succumbing to a sweet tooth. Exercising, while making sure to enjoy the process and listen to your body. And sleep...always sleep.

My spirit animal is: A bird. 

Name: Langley Fox

What I do: Artist/model

My must have Live The Process piece: The Scoop Bra

Why: It’s perfect to wear almost as a top because its a little longer so acceptable for me to take to the market after my workout to get a snack.  

I wear it to: I wear it on hikes or long urban walks, or if i venture to any pilates classes.

Life’s biggest temptation or distraction: Life’s biggest distraction is my phone.

My latest wellness obsession: I’m all for a vitamin cocktails of powders and tinctures morning and evenings, but my latest (or revisited) wellness obsession is sipping on hot water, lemon, and apple cider vinegar all day in between meals.  For someone who suffers from a lot of digestion problems, this solution is easy and cheap and works wonders!

My latest wellness obsession: My number one powder in my morning cocktail is Green Vibrance.  I have a plant based diet so have to be on top of getting all my extra vitamins and nutrients through other sources and this is a great product to invest in.  

(And by no means do I put alcohol in any of these even though I using the term “cocktail”, just referring to a mixture of different things.)

The secret to my process:  A wellness process is always evolving and changing.  I think staying true to yourself and allowing yourself to fail is number one.  I always make sure that I start a day with good intentions to workout a little and fill myself with the best nutrients with the awareness that the day might take some turns I did not foresee.  Be nice to yourself is number 1.

My spirit animal is: I’ve got a crow on my shoulder, a fox at my feet, and Maleficent following in the shadows.

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