Live The Process

Live The Process

From the age of eight, I knew that I wanted to work in fashion. My aunt was and still is one of the most respected “noses” in the perfume industry. When she visited my family during the holidays, she always took the time to tell me about new fragrances she was creating from  Colors Benetton to Calvin Klein Eternity. Our conversations transported me to another world, far removed from my suburban upbringing.

What it meant to work in the fashion industry was a bit of a mystery to me. I remember pouring over the monthly magazines and being fascinated by the supermodels and photographers. I had no idea that behind the fantasy was a multi-billion dollar industry with people serving different roles. I didn’t know what part I could play, but I knew that this was where my life would take me.

While I continued to cultivate my interest in fashion, the older I got the more aware I became of nutrition and exercise too. In some ways, reading about developments in that industry became a second hobby for me. I was born with extremely bad stomach issues that persisted through my childhood and what I learned from that research kept those problems at bay. I committed myself to clean living.

Little did I know that these two childhood passions would determine my future direction.

After leaving college and holding several internships in fashion, I was offered a job in public relations, which led to a fifteen year career. During that time, I had the privilege of working with some of the most creative people and innovative brands in the industry. I gave my all to learning, experiencing and immersing myself in my work. PR is quite unusual. It is my job constantly to make sure that everyone (clients, editors, and my own staff) are okay and taken care of. It means giving a lot of energy without getting much in return. It’s very easy to lose oneself in the process.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the stress of this chaotic lifestyle, my health issues progressively got worse. I was fortunate to meet a naturopathic doctor, who changed my life. He was very direct with me and made it clear that I needed to rethink my lifestyle on every level, focus on myself and strengthen my mind/body connection. He explained that I had to take a step back, redefine and realign.

For the last eight years, I have kept to a strict holistic regimen that many less health conscious friends have at times found amusing. Though in the past my co-workers have poked fun at my disciplined approach to health, I know in my core it’s what I need to do to remain sane and feel good. I promise you: once you know what good feels like, you won’t want to feel bad.

Two years ago, I left a job that consumed my whole life.  I made the choice to focus on myself and figure out my future direction.  After a great deal of thought, I went to Bali with a close friend and trained to become a yoga instructor. The program wasn’t easy. It involved rising at 5am, practicing yoga for three and a half hours a day, and studying over 600 pages worth of information. I spent five weeks delving into the philosophy and disciplines of yoga as a practice and a lifestyle. I felt myself connect to the world in a more grounded way; for so long I had been floating.

I returned to New York rejuvenated, happy and focused in a way I hadn’t been in a long time. I wanted to use my skill set to create something that would represent goodness and positivity.  Hence, Live The Process was born. The name stems from my yoga training, as Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the process of linking breath and movement. Together, these two elements are the core of life and experience.

I am now doing what I believe I was supposed to do all along. Sometimes, the thoughts, ideas and dreams that are important when we are young come back and surprise us later in our lives. Reconnecting to those earlier interests in fashion and nutrition, and really understanding what I wanted from the beginning, was key to finding my purpose and ultimately in launching Live The Process.

photo credits: lucas bortolato, buenaventura marco

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