Jessica Diggs’ LA

Jessica Diggs’ LA

My name is: Jessica Diggs.

I’m known for being: The midwife and educator who everyone asks their sexual and reproductive health questions to, education lead at sexual and reproductive health education digital platform, LOOM.

I live in: The Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles.

My newest wellness obsession is: Cycling on my Peloton. I am obsessed with Cody Rigsby!


In my city, my favorite place for exercise is: Right now, I am staying put at home and loving early morning Pop rides on my Peloton with Cody.

The best spot for body or facial treatments is: The Alchemist Facial with Nikki at The Resting Witch Facials.

My favorite local health food store or delicious nourishing restaurant is: Every Table.

When I’m there, I always grab: The Turkey Taco Bowl and green smoothie.


When I want to get quiet, think and/or meditate, I head to: ilcaffe coffee shop. The walk there puts me in such a meditative state.

What I do there is: I sit outside along the busy city streets with my coffee or wine (depends on my mood) and get inspired by the city I love and the plethora of people walking by. The architecture in the Historic Core of Downtown LA is so beautiful. I use this inspiration to fuel my journaling sessions or to pretend I’m on vacation, enjoying a latte and my book.

What makes it special and unique is: That it truly gathers all of LA in this one spot and makes the city feel really small. They serve coffee, wine and gourmet sandwiches, while also, hosting a different local food truck most nights. It’s a DTLA gem!


My favorite Los Angeles writer is: Stephanie Danler. She wrote the novel, Sweetbitter, and her recent memoir, Stray. I literally could not put down Stray. We’ve lived two very different lives, yet the way she disclosed her inner monologues made her more relatable and gave me great questions for processing my own life decisions.

My favorite local bookstore is: The Last Bookstore. It’s right across the street from my building. So, I do a weekly stroll through it.

The best thing about it is: Display of local art and the IG-worthy tunnel made out of books. It’s spacious enough to just roam or find a couch and preview a book I may buy.


When I need to get away, I take a trip to: Mexico City. 

The reason why I love it is: It is a gorgeous, walkable city with the most amazing selection of restaurants and cuisine. I love that I can just roam around aimlessly and enjoy the colors, architecture and culture that flows into the streets of each neighborhood. Similar to my favorite spot in LA, I really like to get into the heart of a space to feel deeply inspired and connected to the people. Mexico City effortlessly does that for me. I can sit with my journal and alternate between contemplative thought and creative flow. All fueled by the city and its people.


The Live The Process piece I’m coveting right now is: The Saros Henley Playsuit.

I’d wear it while I: Frolick around Downtown LA on Fridays. Paired with an oversized button up, it would be the perfect piece to roam around the city in!

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