Intuit This

Intuit This

My name is: Isabeau Maxwell.

I’m known for being: A down-to-earth spiritual teacher, a lover of synchronicities and an avid creator on my life path.

I'm talking about: The SAGE Method intuitive development course. 

You can find it at:

Before I created began this work, I was: A complete skeptic and doubter of anything I couldn’t see.

What inspired me to start was: My grandmother appeared in my living room shortly after her death, which at first scared me, but then intrigued me. I continued to connect with her in spirit form and soon my intuition started to dramatically improve. More importantly, I found a passion for wanting others to also have a direct connection to those they love on the other side. I was inspired to teach others to hone their personal intuition for guidance in their own lives.

How it works is: The SAGE Method is a formula built to open and hone your intuition. Taken over the course of seven weeks, each week builds off the last and the course approaches intuitive development as a mind, body and spirit connection.

What makes it special is: It goes beyond just practicing using your intuition. It dives deep into what is blocking your intuition and shows you how to uncover it.

One thing you can’t miss is: The incredible psychic and mediumship experiments! They are so much fun and there is nothing else out there that can show you specifically your absolute intuitive strengths.

My favorite secret detail is: Your overall life will improve simply by going through the course. The style in which the SAGE Method formula opens your intuition has amazing side benefits for living a more blissful life.

For me, what it means to be a woman warrior is: To lift up others into their own amazing light and show them exactly how beautifully they shine.

It’s important to make an impact because: It is important to show people they can live their true path, the path they want to take and that empowers them. By stepping into who we are at our spiritual core, we are stepping into our own personal truth. With that, we can find alignment that brings us happiness.

This can help us live our process because: When we follow our passion and live life in the spiritual flow, we bring beauty into this world through our personal creativity. More importantly, we become a role model for those around us who also wish to live their true paths.

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