In Sync with Corinna Springer

In Sync with Corinna Springer

My name is: Corinna Springer.

I’m known for being: Formerly founder of fashion PR Company, Nouveau-PR, now Khora Consulting, and its newest offshoot—a content and event platform for transformative spirituality.


I'm talking about: Authentic transformative spirituality, emotional healing and discussions about spirituality. And the importance of doing your inner work and shadow work in accordance with the moon phases: all our events, initiations, sound baths, tarot readings and transmissions are custom-tailored to the attributes of each lunar phase (based on the four main phases).

You can find it at:, soft-launched in September 2020.

What inspired me to launch this was: I have been wanting to create an online platform for spiritual healing and ascension tools for many years, as I had gone through my own journey of inner work and a quest for truth intensely over the last 18 years.

With COVID, the playing field for virtual event companies changed drastically. While the vision is still evolving, it is clear that the promotion of a lunar-based calendar, as opposed to the Gregorian calendar, is essential, honoring the feminine, our bodies and our emotional healing and expression, as well as weekly energy readings.

How it works is: Every moon phase has certain characteristics that lend themselves to a specific type of inner work, as we use the underlying energy currents to advance on our path. I realized, for example, that third-quarter moons always bring up things we should let go of before the new cycle starts over. I would do shadow work, go within to evaluate belief systems and see what no longer serves me. On Khora, for third-quarter moon, we have workshops where we speak about the shadow, and we facilitate a group emotional release.

At the beginning of every moon phase, Luke Light is offering a group tarot reading, followed by EFT tapping to integrate the current energies into our physical body. Of course, new moon ceremonies are very popular in general, and we offer a ceremony that is called “binding light” by artist and healer Elana Langer, where we bind our prayers together and infuse the consciousness field for the new lunar cycle with our aspirations for ourselves, humanity and the planet. Also, during new moons, we offer energy initiations and activations. 

What makes it special is: I feel like there is a growing need to promote concepts of authentic spirituality, including real inner work, to counter the unicorns-and-rainbows-type of spirituality that is so prevalent these days—and misleading!

Khora is a safe space for sharing truth and reconnecting to divine consciousness through meditations and discussions on Torah, for example (more events around Kabbalah and astrology are in the works). I personally offer living light initiations, based on my journey with energy work and a spontaneous activation five years ago. These initiations activate higher chakras and higher levels of “lightbody” and also incorporate mystery school teachings.

One thing you can’t miss is: Having our weekly Torah discussions (that are BTW totally open to all). We realized that, no matter what the themes or the Torah omens are that week, they help tremendously with what we are going through individually and collectively, giving us a map of what to work on and how to resolve our current dilemmas. 

My favorite secret detail is: I love the temple image we use for the meeting room. I love that our weekly meetings can be accessed directly through that image on the site—no ticketing, no reservations necessary. 

Synching our exploration and healing with the moon phases is helpful because: Being in sync with nature helps us to integrate the energies at all levels and allows us to advance quickly and safely.

The moon helps me live my process by: Allowing me to rest when I know it’s the full moon or new moon and to understand my body better. The moon helps me understand that what I’m going through is connected to some greater principle and, if I’m stuck, there is the certainty that this too shall pass.

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