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My name is: Dr. Gabrielle Francis.

My stomping ground is: Soho/Nolita, Manhattan.

I’m known for being: A naturopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, The Herban Alchemist and author of The Rockstar Remedy: A Rock n Roll Doctor’s Prescription for Living a Long Healthy Life without missing the Fun!

I'm talking about: 
The Herban Alchemist draws from the ancient wisdom of natural medicine to balance the desires and challenges of modern-day indulgences. The Herban Alchemist says “yes” to both modern lifestyles and the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient and traditional cultures. It is the art and science of blending both worlds to create a life that is solid gold.

Our modern “herban” lifestyle can be fast-paced, demanding, indulgent and extremely out of balance. We need to get back to our roots, in order to experience the alchemy that changes our poor lifestyle habits to positive ones that work for us longterm. So, how do we integrate the traditions of natural medicine to transform a hectic, modern lifestyle into one that is rewarding and healthy?

The Alchemy of that transformation is my secret to helping my patients achieve a level of health and well-being that allows them to more fully express joy and fulfillment in their lives. The Herban Alchemist offers a health system that is personalized and can be easily integrated into any hectic lifestyle. I teach you how to give your body and brain the right messages and empower you with the knowledge necessary to make healthy choices that can be maintained for the long term.

You can find it at: The Herban Alchemist Practice and Apothe-Carry Store, 135 Grand Street, 5th Floor, NYC, 646-596-8215.

Before I launched this, I was: In San Francisco practicing for ten years, and I had a business called, “Backstage Alternative,” touring with rock groups as their doctor on tour. I have been practicing holistic medicine since I was 18 when I became a massage therapist. I have never had any other job except healing.

My interest was sparked when: When I came to New York, I decided to brand my business and expand into products, a store, education, a book and so much more. I had just finished reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. The name “The Herban Alchemist” came to me on a download while I was having a spontaneous adventure wandering the streets of New York.

What inspired me to start this was: I love practicing. I loved working with the rockstars. I realized that my “normal” patients were living extreme and busy lifestyles much like the rockstars. They wanted to be healthy, yet not give up the intensity of their lives which included travel, eating out, celebrations and working long hours. I wanted to create a platform and message that saw health, healing and wellness as an adventure—something fun and enjoyable. I wanted to make achieving health an attainable and realistic goal that worked within the context of an indulgent and intense life. 

The idea behind it is: 
Empower through education! The Herban Alchemist offers books, videos and online education focused on finding the root cause of disease or imbalance, rather than a Band-Aid approach of symptomatic relief. I offer easy tricks to incorporate into everyday life, to help you transform your health in mind, body and spirit. I deliver my message in a fun, easy and approachable style—and without judgment. You are never expected to be perfect; just try your best and acknowledge every positive step that you make. I educate about health and holistic medicine in a realistic and entertaining way.

What makes it different is: My approach extends beyond physical health and encourages patients to experiment with different tools to enhance the mind and spirit to achieve total wellness. The payoff is more energy, stamina, focus and a positive attitude to meet life’s challenges, despite the temptations that may have previously led to sabotage.

One thing you can’t miss is: The path to wellness as a journey and not a destination.

My favorite secret detail is: Life is meant to be a celebration and an adventure. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the joy in life in order to be healthy. It is quite the contrary; when you feel healthy and energetic, you will love your life so much more!

What it means to open your heart is: To open your heart means to surrender to the flow of life, the adventure, the serendipity of every moment. To understand that the pain and suffering are often the spark that ignites the fire of transformation that is the healing.  Amid life’s challenges is the time to remember and accept that the universe is working for us, to magically move us towards deeper understanding, compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and others. To open your heart is to move forward, backward and sidewards even if you don’t know where it is going to take you. Jump into flow of life and surrender to the mystery. Live in the beauty of the moment.

When you show self-love, it opens your heart because: It tells the great mystery that you are grateful for the gifts that you have been given and that you will honor the body, mind and spirit that are those gifts. Then, you are an open vessel for the universal love to work through you and for you!

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