Healing Wounds with Carolyn Swift Jones

Healing Wounds with Carolyn Swift Jones

My name is: Carolyn Swift Jones.

I’m known for being: An intuitive counselor, a medium and a metaphysical minister.

I'm talking about: Intuitive counseling and “Divine Mediumship.”

You can find it at: theguidingcircle.com.

What inspired me to begin was: In my late twenties, I stumbled into an ability to work with healing energy by directing intentional focus into my hands and then out towards wherever the energy was needed. One thing led to another, and people started coming to my house for physical healing. I was working by sheer instinct and intuition; I had no formal training whatsoever. One day, as I was working with a woman who had just been told she only had two weeks to live, I was profoundly impressed by an energy around her that I came to understand was her father. He had very specific messages for her having to do with her upbringing and the foods they ate when he was alive. It brought her enormous comfort to have her father standing right next to her, and she left the house with a radiant smile on her face. She passed two weeks later, and her children told me that the messages I brought from her father gave her enormous peace.

That was my first experience with the power of what I like to call “Divine Mediumship.” Divine Mediumship is not only a bridge between the two worlds of the living and the deceased, but also a healing mediumship aimed at bringing peace, comfort, inspiration and, hopefully, a closer relationship with the Divine. That was 40 years ago, and, since then, I have been steadily working with the practice of Divine Mediumship, refining my listening abilities and growing in loving trust with the process—and the art—of interpreting the vibrations of Spirit. Just to be clear: when I use the word “Spirit,” I’m not talking about individual spirits who may have a relationship with the person I am working with. I use the word “Spirit” to mean the activity of God or loving consciousness. Another way to say this is that, for me, “Spirit” is the movement of love for and as our highest good.

How it works is: I like to work with the vibration of name as a starting point. When I work with someone, I meditate on their name beforehand, moving my ego off to the side so that I can hear all that Spirit, or the movement of love, has to say. Whatever I hear, I write down, and the pages of notes that come provide the spine for the reading. These notes often make no sense to me until I am working in the session with the person. That’s what makes it fun and exciting! It’s like watching the pieces of a puzzle come together before our very eyes. 

What makes this experience unique is: I am primarily interested in assisting people in their unique evolution as Divine Mediums. I want folks to leave a session with me saying, “Wow, I already knew that!” My mission is to help others to become so good with their own Divine Mediumship that they don’t need people like me anymore. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like to work with folks more than twice a year. I want to empower others to be their own Divine Mediums, so that my services as a medium are no longer needed. That’s my passion and, while it may seem odd that my goal is to put myself out of work, I would be lying if I said I was in this to be employed as a medium for the rest of my life. I have a vision of humanity evolving forward to a place of consciousness in which the ego is “thin” and the awareness that we are multidimensional beings is commonplace. We are all mediums, and it’s simply a matter of confidence and practice for us to accept this divine truth. 

One thing you can’t miss is: A message that I hear over and over from Spirit is that whatever is wounding us has “come up to be healed.” If we are feeling paralyzed, bound or stuck with any vibration other than the vibration of love, our liberation comes the moment we are thankful for the wound and see it as an entrance into our next stage of loving life. There is a forward movement to the universe and everything moves in the direction of  love. Once we know and understand the meaning of our wounding from the grid of past life and early childhood experiences, we can incorporate the wound as sacred ground; stand on it and move on. Whatever is hurting us has come up to be healed. Isn’t that a powerful thing to know?  

For me, addressing and de-stigmatizing mental health is important because: I have worked with a lot of folks who have been told—in this life or another—that their gifts of mediumship are from “the devil” and should be suppressed. I’ve come to believe that most of our mental health problems stem from a disconnect from our authentic Divine Self. I was tremendously unhappy as a young woman because I was sure my gifts made me “wrong” and “crazy.” Happiness for me came when I came to understand that what made me “crazy” in the eyes of some people was a sacred, precious link to my divinity. When we can reclaim all parts of ourselves and announce it all as “very good,” we can co-create a world that works for everyone and every aspect of what we are. 

One tool that has helped me personally throughout the pandemic is: The knowing that the pandemic itself has “come up to be healed” is what has helped me the most, I think. The virus has exposed our mutual vulnerabilities across the face of all humanity. Our collective wounded-ness is easy for us all to see. I see a beautiful shift in our awareness as we begin as a species to recognize the wound not as an ending, but as a sacred beginning. As the wound heals, it unfolds as a womb. This womb is all of us. And we are giving birth to humanity all over again. Namaste.

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