Hair Liberation

Hair Liberation

My name is: Brianna Noelle Davis.

I’m known for being: Magical and wise.

I'm talking about: 

Abl Hair Studios is our very alive hair healing concept studio and Conscious Crown is our clean hair recipes and ritual oils. We treat the hair with a completely holistic and scientific approach, energizing and re-creating the relationship each client has to their personal hairstory. On the beautiful hair journey, we help realign you with the right regime and rituals for each hair type, issues and zone. The crown undergoes a detox and replenishment during our signature spa seasonal treatment which is a service that can be enjoyed on its own as a maintenance ritual. You will also enjoy a healing wash treatment with any clean color service and cut combo, designed to honor the transformation process and the new self.

You can find it at:  

We are located at 240 Kent Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right around the corner from the beautiful Domino Park. We are by appointment only and you can request a session at! Our online shop is active and this is where you can purchase and try our hair recipes and beauty goodies!

Before I created this, I was:

Working as a lead hair stylist and educator at Original Mineral Salon in NYC, teaching clean color technology to other hairstylists entering the field. I actually went to cosmetology school in high school, which makes this one of the only careers I’ve had—I won't bore you with the side hustles. I had a mentor who also embraced and endorsed a toxic-free environment before moving into the city; this is also where I got my alchemist's feet wet, mixing and working with essential oils. These things really stuck with me over the years.

What inspired me to launch it was:  

Our crown is so powerful and it connects us to source energy and helps us feel aligned physically, mentally, and emotionally. History also shows this relationship across all cultures as a very sacred gift and one we have used devotedly over centuries to connect to the divine and prepare, heal—together even. 

I had a beautiful journey that started when I was young and, after traveling quite a bit, witnessing the culture and rituals, I became increasingly ready to create an experience of my own. Years of observation and research in the industry with these newer felt more like an awakening.  

A hair experience and practice that helped me through some of the harder times would actually stick around and become a special feature to my daily rituals. A full collection of natural hair recipes came to life, and this is what we get to share with the world!

How it works is: 

An amazing way to begin the beautiful hair journey is to make your first trip to our Williamsburg studio for a Spa Seasonal Treatment of your own. Here is where we dive into hair recalibration: from a brushing and oil ritual and analysis to a hands-on treatment, spot treating the scalp and all zones of the hair to restore balance! We complete the session with a treatment style where the conditioning stays in or a gentle and luxurious blow dry to set the healing in.

At this time, we also have virtual hair healing sessions available to connect about your crown and hair needs. We have the honor to assist in enhancing your at-home hair care process, creating a healthier and more grounded approach to getting ready or winding down or even dry reviving! We use our own clean hair recipes, Conscious Crown, to introduce a fun and playful energy with the effective and necessary energy of treating. Together this creates hair liberation!

What makes it special is: 

AblHairStudios was born differently. From our booking and operations to our  rituals, all intentions are programmed for the health and betterment of all humans and interactions taking place in the Abl-verse. 

What stands out the most if you ask anybody who has been here, besides the amazing hair results, is our extraordinary and surprisingly comfortable hair washing station, which we call the “hairplane.” Here, clients receive aromatherapy and crown|hair healing while laying on a crystal-charged infrared Biomat. This exclusive therapy treats your muscles at a cellular level, balancing out the chakras and bringing you into a state of complete relaxation and allowing you to take a spiritual flight anywhere you'd like.

One thing you can’t miss is: 

Our Mini Library is super cute and full of interesting and inspiring reads! 

Open up your mind while you wait to begin the grounding process or mosey on over during processing time.

We are always stocked with house herbal tea blends and refreshments to be served to relax the crown, soul, body. These teas and their matching Moon Ritual Kits can also be purchased to use as an at-home ritual!

My favorite secret detail is: 

I have to be honest; it’s hard to pick one! We are full of details, but I have a special place for the wind chimes and musical components that are worked into the space. They continue to move energy and call in the angels and protective guides.  

I love to see what our clients connect to the most when they are at ABL.  Everything has a story and, in my eyes, is sacred, so, like art, one can feel their own connection and story with it as well. This allows us to open up our senses and imagination, and invite a naturally enhanced cerebral experience.

For me, what it means to feel grounded is: 

At peace, harmonious at all times

 Grounding is so important because:

This practice undoubtedly will always connect us to the earth vibrations and clear our crown’s pathways, balancing the heart waves and building coherence that heals long term. Earth is life. We are Earth. Earth is nature. Nature is hair.

This can help you live your process (and get grounded) because:

Hair healing can help anyone become more grounded when it’s integrated as a self-care practice. The journey is a process, but a fun and liberating one! Through the myth-busting, clearing the fog and confusion and tuning into our hair’s natural state, we actually learn so much about ourselves, connecting us back to, or deeper with, our truth and purpose here. We ask our hair to grow with us, creating more oneness and eliminating the idea of separation.

We recommend at minimum, seasonal visits to our hair healing studio while you begin to integrate and embrace the positive changes and consistent haircare rituals.

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