Glimpse At Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort

Glimpse At Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort

MY NAME IS: Danielle Simmons.


Experiential Instructor.


Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are in an all-inclusive wellness resort that offers an integrative spa and engaging experiential activities that nourish the mind, body and spirit.

I've had the honor of creating our 860 square foot greenhouse and ten outdoor raised garden beds to serve as a classroom for therapeutic horticulture experiences. Filled with culinary and medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers, the greenhouse and gardens offer guests a chance to connect with plant life. Guests learn to plant seeds with intention, propagate new plants, care for our growing crops and connect with the biology, history, folklore and medicine of each plant. Both active and passive involvement with plants has been shown to increase well-being, while decreasing stress and anxiety.

A deeper sense of connection to plant life occurs as guests attend my classes in herbal tea-making, indulging their senses in more then 20 organic and wild-harvested herbs for medicinal and culinary exploration. Guests also learn to heal their bodies through creating their own customized herbal salves and lip balms to suit their personal needs.

I also maintain our chicken coop filled with a delightful breed of chickens called Silkies. These fluffy feathered miniature birds have been with us since they were one-day-old and are an integral part of our animal interactions program.


Sunrise Springs opened in September 2015. It’s an intimate, historic, natural springs destination located on a lush 70-acre property in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


We offer an innovative approach to wellness, utilizing in-house experts to create customized wellness packages that help guests to thrive and experience life differently. Each day, guests have access to thoughtfully-curated experiential activities that are scientifically-proven to support greater health and well-being. Through these activities, guests can play, experience joy and nourish their souls.


Our animal interactions.

At Sunrise Springs, guests are provided with a safe, nurturing environment in which they learn to care for, connect and play with another living being. We offer two opportunities to connect with animals in our chicken and puppy interactions.

Guests are invited to spend time engaging with our fluffy Silkie chickens. They learn about their pecking order, modes of communication and about the unique characteristics of this breed. Guests have the opportunity to indulge their childlike nature as they feed, hold and pet our docile chickens. Engaging with the animals teaches guests important life skills that will help to quiet their minds and slow their pace of life.

Puppy interactions are offered in conjunction with Assistance Dogs of the West, an organization dedicated to training dogs to assist people with a variety of disabilities. Guests can expect to pet, cuddle and play with these energetic puppies as the dogs explore their new world. These social interactions provide puppies with an enriched environment in which to grow and thrive, while increasing guests’ own sense of calm, well-being and connection.


Spending time with the puppies is a true heart-opening experience. Not only do you bathe in the unconditional love of a puppy, but you are contributing to the greater good as you help the puppies become assistance dogs for those in need. Smiles, laughter and pure joy ensue with every puppy interaction!

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