Gather Together

Gather Together

My name is: Joy Dushey.

My stomping ground is: New York City. 

I’m known for being: A transformative breathwork facilitator and energy healer, a spiritual guide, founder of The Joyful Approach and host of The Methodology Podcast.

I'm talking about: Our monthly Sangha and The 6-Week Transformative Experience.

You can find it at: The next Sangha is January 19th in NYC and The 6-Week Transformative Experience begins January 24th in NYC.

Before I started this work, I was: Curious about how to create greater impact through the work I acquired throughout my lifetime. 

My interest was sparked when: I was seeking conscious community for personal growth and expansion and felt a great void with these possibilities. 

What inspired me to create it was: From a profound calling through my spiritual awakening. I knew I had to bring people together and create this loving space for people to heal, learn and grow together.   

The idea behind it is: There’s much intention that goes into creating these loving spaces. I spend much time with daily Sadhana to invoke this intention with unconditional love, heart consciousness; and I intuitively design the event based on what I feel is needed most. We gather up to 20 people for our Sangha in a circle with a theme to circulate the room with sharing what’s in our hearts. In these gatherings, we explore ideas, we laugh, we cry together and hold space for one another. We then move into the alchemical breathwork for potent healing and a sound bath to harmonize the nervous system. 

The six-week in person experience is a life-changing opportunity. We meet weekly, coming together to grow and expand. We hold space for one another, support each other in healing and taking accountability. 

In this six-week program, we meet for approximately two hours. Each week, we cover another theme from The Joyful Approach Integrative Life System. We share in circle time with confidentiality, safety and a warm, nurturing setting.

Each week, along with the lessons, I facilitate breathwork as our activation to amplify the work for sustainable transformative results followed by a sound bath. Sound healing offers us the restorative healing to bring our physiological bodies into harmony and balance.

Themes we’ll get into: Declaring our core values, designing a unique personalized daily practice, inner child healing, self-love 101, authentic living, 

manifesting your most desired life, strategies and skills you’ve never learned before, higher vibrational living and understanding how to work with energy.

What makes it different is: There’s really nothing like these gatherings available, where we come together to connect and learn and grow and heal in an environment saturated with love and safety.

One thing you can’t miss is: The way you feel when you leave. Most people feel lighter, renewed, euphoric, like they’ve had a direct and intimate connection with their soul. They feel nourished, connected and held by a likeminded community. 

My favorite secret detail is: The way I set up the room with energy clearing instruments like incense, crystals and scents. I use and offer these to help people feel nourished and completely at home.

What it means to find balance is: Every person has a unique version of what balance is to them. To me, it means quieting outside noise so that we can get in touch with our inner being. We can then discern what needs balancing in our lives. We may ask ourselves, what takes us away from peace or harmony? And, from there, we learn how to find balance.

What makes balance so important is: It brings us to homeostasis which is most necessary in this day and age. Balance is what allows us to access our best selves and is a cornerstone for living optimally. We’re learning more and more that over-productivity is not doing us any good. We need to tend to our nervous system. We need to nourish our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, all while we are producing with efficiency.

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