From Prague To Process: How Model Daniela Kocianova Became Our Latest Muse

From Prague To Process: How Model Daniela Kocianova Became Our Latest Muse

Daniela Kocianova is passionate about gardening, worm farms and the environment—hobbies more normally associated with retirees than chic young models.

But our latest muse for the new collection is a soft touch, loyal to brands from her native Czech Republic and concerned about the future of the planet. When she’s not strutting down runways or starring in photoshoots, she spends her time practicing yoga and climbing, wandering art galleries, writing about veganism for Vogue Czechoslovakia and educating herself on sustainability.

Kocianova’s attitude is perfectly inline with the concept of our new collection, inspired by the concept of building on an already strong foundation and allowing for evolution without departing from our authentic ourselves.

Here, she tells us a bit about her path to now:

Live The Process: What was your journey to becoming a model?

Daniela Kocianova: I was born in a city in the northeast part of the Czech Republic. I had never thought of becoming a model, but, when my family decided to move to a town just outside of Prague, they suggested I join a modeling competition. That led to me getting scouted by my original agency, Elite Prague.

LTP: What is the most challenging part of your job when it comes to maintaining your health and well-being?

DK: My work can be very unpredictable and it’s hard to plan. The most challenging part of my job is having to make sure that my body has enough water and fuel while I am busy rushing around during the fashion months—and even when I’m battling with myself, sometimes, because I might not be busy at all. 

LTP: When did you become vegan and why is it important to you?

DK: I became vegan about two years ago when I found out about how slaughterhouses work and I didn’t want to be part of it. I also realized how much land and water you need to grow an animal for consumption. I am not perfect, but I read ingredients to find out where my food is coming from. So, for example, I’ve cut down on eating avocados, almonds and strawberries in winter. On the other had, I love falafel and humus and can never get enough of it.

LTP: What is it about plants and gardening that makes you happy? Please tell us more about your worm farm!

DK: I find plants so special! They only need sun and water to live, so they almost grow out of nothing and they store carbon too. I love how they change through the seasons and how they attract pollinators. It’s a wild world out there in my garden, even though it looks so peaceful from a distance.

My worm farm is my new hobby and earthworms are my new pets! They keep composting my leftovers to new soil for my plants and they produce worm tea, which is great plant-feeder too. I purchased it from UrbaLive and, to my surprise, the company comes from Czech republic, which makes me even more happy. They have so many great products; I bought a bird feeder and self-watering pot from them too.

LTP: What is your favorite current Live The Process piece?

DK: I am obsessed with all the knitwear tops. They are so chic! Anytime I wear one, I feel like Julia Roberts in Notting Hill or Christy Turlington in Catwalk (the 1995 documentary).

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

DK: When I see a root spurt out of a seed.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

DK: Live and learn. Carry on with what you are doing, stay grounded and be confident in everything you do.

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