Eve Kalinik’s London

Eve Kalinik’s London

My name is: Eve Kalinik.

I’m known for being: A nutritional therapist, cook and author, who specializes in gut health. My second book, Happy Gut, Happy Mind, was released in August 2020 and focuses on the gut-brain connection. I’ve also just launched my new podcast, The Wellness Breakdown, with my pal Rose Ferguson, which is all about exploring and road-testing the myriad (and often mad) wellness trends out there. 

I live in: London.

My newest wellness obsession is: To be honest, I try not to get caught up generally in fads and such like. I just try to prioritize the most basic and fundamental pillars that make us feel happy and healthy, such as getting decent sleep, maintaining a sustainable and consistent diet (which includes all foods), moving every day (be it a walk or Pilates) and keeping adequately hydrated. It’s not rocket science, but, like many people, we can be too easily swept away with trends before even thinking about the day-to-day simple stuff.


In my city, my favorite place for exercise is: Ten Pilates or Frame for reformer and mat-based classes. I used to be more of a gym-goer, but, during lockdown, I discovered a newfound love for walking, which has kind of stuck with me. I have also practiced yoga for my whole life, and the teacher that I’ve been with for almost 15 years is Philippa Gendall, who teaches at The Life Centre and also online. 

The best spot for body or facial treatments is: I really rate DryBy for their amazing blowouts and also Blo Bar in Chiswick. For nails, Young LDN is excellent and they have the most innovative facial treatments too. And for sports massage, nothing beats Ten Pilates.

The most amazing treatment or experience there is: I always feel like I can take on anything after a really good blowout and have found a couple of gems in DryBy and Blo Bar. Young LDN’s quick and effective peels give an instant brightening effect, and they have the best mani-pedis in town! Ten’s sports massage is second to none; and I feel like a new person after a session with one of their expert team. 

My favorite local health food store or delicious nourishing restaurant is: Planet Organic is an incredible health food store and they always seem to cherrypick really interesting and innovative products, particularly plant-based options. 

In terms of restaurants, I would say that Spring is my absolute standout. The dishes are incredible and the ethos is to cook from seasonal and local produce. The dining area is also exceptionally beautiful.

When I’m there, I always grab: Whatever I really fancy, as the menu changes, but, invariably, I always have some side vegetables. Oh, and some orange wine!


When I want to get quiet, think and/or meditate, I head to: Wormwood Scrubs Park.

What I do there is: Take a walk and (often) get a bit lost in the wilder parts of it. 

What makes it special and unique is: It's so unexpected to find a 200-acre nature reserve in the middle of central London. It’s often described as “more wild than tamed,” which also provides a sense of freeness and abundance. 


My favorite British podcaster is: Elizabeth Day, How to Fail. I love the notion that the biggest successes can come through adversity.

My favorite local bookstore is: I have two: Lutyens & Rubinstein and Books for Cooks.

The best thing about it is: You can tell that each of the books stocked in Lutyens & Rubinstein is there for a reason and, as such, it feels incredibly personal. Books for Cooks is a hero bookshop for me and, when I found out that my book was going to be sold there, it was truly a momentous occasion.


When I need to get away, I take a trip to: Weeke Barton, Devon.

The reason why I love it is: This was such a find and somewhere that I know I will go back to time and time again. I even celebrated by 40th birthday there. The house itself has a simple yet beautifully curated style with stunning grounds. Being that its next to Dartmoor, you can go on some excellent walks. And the food is amazing. They can prepare menus for you in-house, as well as a breakfast that is beyond delicious.


My current favorite Live The Process piece is: I recently bought the Cutout Bodysuit.

I wear it while I: Head to my Pilates class and/or a morning walk. It's great to also throw a cashmere cardigan over it, if I need to head to a meeting right afterwards. Or, on the weekends, a hoodie to go hang out with friends for brunch.

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