Energy Healing with Kalisa Augustine

Energy Healing with Kalisa Augustine

My name is: Kalisa Augustine.

I’m known for being: Something people never know how to describe— haha! The real deal. How about that?

I'm sharing: A series of guided meditation journeys (that act as mini energy healing sessions) for transformation and spiritual empowerment. 

You can find them at:

What inspired me to create them was: I love the arts. My work is art. And I am expanding creatively this year. So I wanted to create an offering as a piece of art that also heals. To do that, I collaborated with an incredible composer to create easily accessible, practical and poetic tools for my clients to use as spiritual touchstones during the course of their day. If I am out of town, traveling or inaccessible for sessions, using these meditations is a great way to get a taste of what a session with me is like. It’s a wonderful practice to help you keep up your energy, stay connected to Spirit and practice meditation with a focused intention.

What makes it special is: I was channeling angelic frequencies specific to each meditation’s theme the whole time I was playing music in the studio. The words have deep meaning to me, and I spent a lot of time and effort crafting them. The sound component incorporates crystal sound bowl healing attuned to 432hz, which is a healing frequency. They create sign waves, which is the purest tone in the universe (in fact, the audio engineers were geeking out at how pure the tones were). My collaborator, Christopher Child, offered his composition genius, making these journeys so epic. People tell me they listen to them all the time. And the feedback I get from these meditations is so incredible; it is as if the work took on a life-force of its own.

One thing you can’t miss is: Peace Meditation is super double fantastic for everyday use!

Your body will thank you because: You will feel peace in your cells, mind, spirit and emotions. 

This will help you prioritize your own health, joy and energy this year because: If you spend time tapping into your depth, connecting with Spirit, cultivating centered clarity and letting go of bullshit energy dragging you down, you will flow, glow and grow. And that feels like expansion and freedom. 

My favorite personal short ritual for self-care in 2020 is: I rise and thank God for the breath of life that is mine.

I imagine breathing golden white light into my heart, filling up my entire field.

I meditate on radiance. And I thank Spirit for the deep connection that I have.

And instead of “should-ing” all over myself, I ask myself every morning, as I rise, what will make me feel alive that very day. That very moment. I ask how I can meaningfully engage in my world that day. And I leave room for the magical and miraculous to lead on.

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