Elaine Ng Huntzinger’s Paris

Elaine Ng Huntzinger’s Paris

My name is: Elaine Ng Huntzinger.

I’m known for being: Facial acupuncturist and TCM practitioner.

I live in: Paris, France.

My newest wellness obsession is: Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Renata-style). I love how it makes you feel afterwards, and the stomach massage is a revelation.


In my city, my favorite place for exercise is: My apartment (I have a full Pilates studio) or Studio M for Garuda Pilates. I am a certified Pilates instructor, but I no longer teach. Luckily, I have all my equipment still. But I have recently discovered Garuda Pilates and taking classes with Marie Elena at Studio M is a great way to push myself.

The best spot for body or facial treatments is: MTLP massage from Laura or a rolfing session from Jessica Blean. Laura works on the mind and body. It is like a therapy session and then she releases all the emotional gunk in your body.  Jessica is probably one of the best rolfers I have ever encountered.  She is a fascia ninja. I have scoliosis and bars in my back, so she keeps everything in working order!

My favorite local health food store or delicious nourishing restaurant is: Terroirs d'Avenir for groceries and The Hood for takeaway.

When I’m there, I always grab: Loads of seasonal, local veggies at Terroirs d'Avenir, since they work with local farmers and always follow the seasons. At The Hood, I order the chicken rice because the chicken comes from Terroirs d'Avenir! The cook is from Singapore and her food is very authentic. Plus, I like the fact she is using high quality ingredients.


When I want to get quiet, think and/or meditate, I head to: Place des Vosges.

What I do there is: Get something from Carette and then I sit in the park and look at the trees.

What makes it special and unique is: It is a closed park surrounded by beautiful buildings and there is very little traffic. It has the most amazing trees and you can feel the historical significance. Old palaces always have a good vibe.


My favorite podcaster or writer is: Lindsey Tramuta. She is not only a food expert, but also a champion for the new generation of feminists in France. Her book The New Parisienne is inspiring and her podcast, The New Paris Podcast, is outstanding. Plus, she is a lovely person.

My favorite local bookstore is: Comme un Roman on rue Bretagne.

The best thing about it is: It’s in my neighborhood, it’s independent and it carries a great selection of classics, art and fashion titles. You always get inspired by something in their super fun windows, as well.


When I need to get away, I take a trip to in: Fontainebleau.

The reason why I love it is: I get to hang out in the forest and boulder. Climbing is always a good way to clear your head and focus. Being in this gorgeous forest climbing with my family helps me put things in perspective.


The Live The Process piece I’m coveting right now is: The Tuxedo Legging in black.

I’d wear it to: Work, Pilates and for climbing.

Image via Nicole Lily Rose. 

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