Deep Space

Deep Space

For me, it has never been more of priority to have a home—both literally and metaphorically. 

In recent pre-pandemic years, I’ve been a more transient person, always moving and shifting. Before now, I actually can’t remember the last time that I had a home base that felt safe and secure. I was either traveling and living out of a suitcase or had a live/work space or was always in transition. To give a sense, I’ve probably moved ten times since living in NYC, which is a lot! It could actually be more…

Prior to the pandemic, I had set a goal to commit to living in a place that felt like home to me, that was everything I envisioned. I put a lot of energy into figuring this out. I became a bit obsessed. I already had a beautiful Tribeca studio space that I think I can safely say I manifested: I described it in detail and then it seemed to appear out of thin air! But work always comes a lot easier to me than what’s personal. So, of course it would be more of a challenge to find a solitary sanctuary just for me.

In February 2020, I did find a place, but, when I returned from a yoga retreat in Costa Rica ready to resume life and nest there, everything had changed! The world was shutting down and my apartment was basically still empty of furniture, so I ended up moving back to my family’s home, where I hadn’t lived since I was 18 years old.

This was a humbling experience. It was really nice to be around family, but I refused to give up my new apartment as my goal was to actually create a home. I told myself it was there for when things got better.

I moved back into the city in June 2020 and slowly created my space. However, it still wasn’t permanent. My dream apartment would become available in March 2021 and, when I saw it, I couldn’t pass it up. I moved yet again. Finally, I’d found exactly what I wanted and I’m still in disbelief that I actually get to live there. It checks every box. It was really important to me that my space reflect all the inner work I do, and I’ve spent the last nine months creating that dream space, my magical haven within NYC.

For the company, space has also been a focus. Our Manhattan studio has continued to evolve—we now offer private shopping (which was the original pre-COVID plan) and will slowly begin introducing events.

Our latest launch is our Venice Beach House in LA. We’ve transformed a home, creating an experience that is warm and inviting, which encourages relaxation, togetherness and grounding. We want people to hangout, to linger as long as they can. We’re holding small gatherings, private shopping for friends and friends of friends and more. We thought this would be a great way to introduce our ethos to both bi-coastal communities in an authentic way that really communicates the vibe of Live The Process.

Our spaces are so key to our experience, especially since the pandemic started. They’re a reflection of our inner world, a source of inspiration and sometimes frustration. They’re where we spend our time. That’s why we couldn’t think of a better time to focus on “Holding Space” as an editorial concept. And it’s been so much fun researching everything and everyone we’ll feature this month. I am truly a fan of their objects, concepts and aesthetics, and, in many cases, dream of visiting them in person soon.

When you feel something emotional and almost calming in a space, that’s when you know, wow, that worked. You know you love a space when you don’t want to leave.


x Robyn

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