A Napa Retreat with Wine + Wellness

A Napa Retreat with Wine + Wellness

My name is: Kenzie Vath.

I’m known for being: Director of wellness at Pacific Hospitality Group and owner of Holistic Umbrella. 

I’m hosting a retreat called: The Wellness + Wine Weekend.

It’s located at: Vista Collina Resort in Napa Valley, August 16-18, 2019. 

I was drawn to this spot because: Of the wine and food experience. Let’s be honest! Napa is known for its culinary and vintner offerings. I was looking for the perfect destination not only to attract this specific clientele, but also to introduce what wellness has to offer in the surrounding area. Our property boasts a campus unlike any other with unique elements from nine tasting rooms (including a micro-brewery) to its very own mini grocery store, curated with local goods (including gluten-free and organic options). The estate cave provides the perfect acoustics to host a sound bath that will take you to a new place in your being; the vineyard deck will be home to our new moon ceremony. On a deck overlooking Bordeaux grape vineyards, our guests will practice their vinyasa flow, taking in the beautiful surroundings. The culinary team at Vista Collina and Meritage Resort is so stellar and creative when it comes to healthy cooking (including their signature nitrogen açaí bowls). 

vista collina napa

This retreat is special because: It’s about escaping and indulging. Yes, we can have it all! Fasting is a thing of the past! 

We, as humans, need to retreat to reset—that may mean reflecting on what we are grateful for or participating in group fitness activities. Our focus is wellness, but our primary purpose with “Wine + Wellness” is about building community. Each class/experience was carefully selected by the wellness team with an eye towards bringing the Bay Area’s best practitioners together. Tanya Corona, who will lead our new moon ceremony, is on the top of Goop’s wellness list. Hannah Knapp owns her own meditation studio, Within, in downtown San Francisco. Mother Indica is leading a holistic CBD educational piece for our attendees. This is your weekend, and you can decided what you would like to participate in. Pace yourself or go all out. Why is this retreat is different? We have wine!

One thing you can’t miss is: A sound bath in the estate cave! I can’t rave enough about this once-in-a-lifetime experience! As an individual and as a community, the vibes will be high during this magical event.

My favorite secret detail is: The VIP swag bag. Sign up for the weekend and you’ll receive a curated swag bag full of the most amazing wellness items, including an exclusive culinary dinner at our new “Food & Wine Center” with Chef Mackenzie (*space is limited).

Your body will thank you because: You’re not sitting in an office chair, answering emails or stressed about your new job or everyday life. You are okay; you're better than okay. When you’re comfortably lounging in Adirondack chair, sipping one of Napa's finest wines and feeling all zen after your meditation-in-motion tai chi class, I’m 100% sure your body will thank you! And your mind too! 

I never retreat without bringing: My CBD cream for soothing muscles and promoting relaxation. Perfect for a long day of fitness, fun and the great fruit of Napa—wine! 

Retreating should be part of your process because: Everyday life is beyond hectic. You have to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. A full weekend getaway forces you to become more present and look deep within. Personally, these retreats not only make me feel better, but also make me a better wife and mother. It’s so special to nurture your soul, and that’s something I believe everyone should do as part of their self-care routine—as much as possible!

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