Circle Time

Circle Time

My name is: Malia Scharf.

My stomping ground is: Culver City/Baldwin Hills.

You can find me at: Village Green (where I live)—68 acres of green, national and historical landmark. And the Culver City farmers market.

I’m known for being: Empathic, in love with plants and the moon, funny (if you know me well).

I'm talking about: I’m working on creating a community that incorporates some of the tools and teachings I learned over the past decade and longer. Right now, I’m holding mother and maiden circles that include herbal infusions, breathwork, movement, connecting with the elements, cycle/moon wisdom and kundalini. These won’t all necessarily happen in one gathering, but the idea is to weave these in and out of our time together. Sometimes, we might just need to talk and eat. I realized that after our last gathering. I also offer floral essence circles, which have sadly slowed since the pandemic and since I had a baby, but it was such a beautiful experience and I built a beautiful community in NYC. I am opening private sessions to work with these noon essences from brazil and am beginning to do outdoor small group sessions (the beauty of LA and where I live! ).  It’s not just about receiving an essence; it’s a holistic session that looks at many aspects of your life and cycle (if you have a womb).

You can find it at: Website in the works! But you can find more info on my Instagram or if you sign up for my mailing list. 

What brought me to LA was: Having a baby! I wanted to be closer to my family during this precious time. 

Before I launched this, I was: Well, I wear many hats. I’ve been studying and working with natural gynecology, floral essences, kundalini, meditation and breathwork, but I’m also a filmmaker and producer. I actually spent the last decade finishing a film about my father. It’s out now on demand. Big labor of love.

What inspired me to create it was: My own desire and interest in knowing myself better and healing. My healing journey began when I got off birth control in 2011 and, from then on, I’ve really dug deep into alternative healing inside and out to find balance and health.

The idea behind it is: Well, I’ll share a bit about the “Florais da Lua” circle (in Portuguese, “florals of the moon”) circle. The idea is that we are cyclical beings, all genders, but specifically those with wombs go through a very clear seasonal shift both physically and emotionally just like nature. And the more we are aware and honoring those shifts, the happier, more creative, in balance and healthy we can be. So, the essences are like energetic medicine and we also learn practical ways of living in tune with the cycles and elements. Ultimately, we learn just how connected we are to the cycles of nature. Just like the seasons go through spring, summer, fall and winter, so do we.

What makes it different is: This is not new, but it’s a really beautiful unique way of learning and experiencing the energetics of these different aspects of ourselves. We tap into the different archetypes, as well. It’s so fun to learn this way and ultimately know yourself better.

One thing you can’t miss is: A more embodied, confident and wise way of living.

My favorite secret detail is: We sit in a small ceremony and the plant actually chooses to work with you.

Today’s LA isn’t all breast implants and Beverly Hills (like the stereotype). It’s more like): Sunshine and avocados.

What helps me live my process in LA is: Being close to family, staying close to nature and constant sunshine.

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