Checking In with Hayley Starr

Checking In with Hayley Starr

My name is: Hayley Starr.

I'm known for being: your Cosmic Queen of Rainbows and Stars, artist, designer, event space owner, kid’s book illustrator. Yup, I do all of those things!

I've been a Live The Process contributor: since inception. Snap!

Lately, I've been working on: The Opal Starr Charms Collection, inspired by my favorite childhood cereal. Each piece is designed to help you rewire a different part of your spirit to a happy place, while also giving 20 percent to an awesome organization helping to heal the planet. Animals, the ocean, trees, education, women’s empowerment, human traffickingcollect and support the causes close to your heart!

You can find it or

One thing you can't miss is: A portion of the Moon and Star Charm necklace goes to supporting The Humane Society and Wildlife conservation. It reminds you to shine like a star and dream with the moon!

Your soul will thank you because: Each and every time you wear and gaze upon those charms around your glorious neck, like a spell, you will be reminded of your highest potential and goals!

These days, my process is: To get it done. Stop complaining and do! We have no more imaginary time to waste in this quest for healing and joy! I’m also trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, as I don’t do that enough. Lastly, I’m very interested in finding flow and choosing it. And there’s far more, so read my Live The Process entries!

With Love,


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