Brooke Danielson’s Aspen

Brooke Danielson’s Aspen

My name is: Brooke Ely Danielson.

Im known for being: Health-conscious and driven.

I live in: Aspen, Colorado.

My newest wellness obsession is: Resting! Taking more time to rest and recharge.


In my city, my favorite place for exercise is: Outdoors! Aspen has incredible hiking trails, not to mention breathtaking views on most of them. Typically, I am road running, trail running or hiking. In the winter, I like to ski, which is a great workout, and I also get indoors for Pilates at O2 with the best instructors: Jenna Meyer, Caroline Grant or Alexa Kubica.

The best spot for body or facial treatments is: I see Ashely at the St. Regis Remède spa for massages––a deep tissue massage. With the amount of running I do for marathon training, it's important to make sure the body is being tended to. I'm also big on facials, so I see Eden at Aspen Vida Medi Spa. She uses all-natural products (something very important to me) and really understands my skin.

My favorite local health food store or delicious nourishing restaurant is: Mawa's Kitchen! Mawa is one of the most talented chefs in the valley. She takes into account organic and local ingredients when cooking and has an extensive menu full of healthy options. They can make most any of the dishes vegan, as well. I tend to order the hummus and also the seasonal salads. The chia seed pudding is fantastic. Skips Market in Basalt is a very cute and quaint market I like to go to occasionally, but a must-see and visit is the Aspen Farmer's Market on Saturdays. They bring in delicious produce from local farms.

When Im there, I always grab: Salads at Mawa’s, produce at the farmer's market and organic condiments and produce at Skips. 


When I want to get quiet, think and/or meditate, I head to: The Rio Grande trail for a long walk along the river.

What I do there is: Walk or sit and meditate. I've done a lot of reflecting down there, and sometimes some crying too!

What makes it special and unique is: The sheer beauty of the Rio Grande is special. The river is also pretty spectacular and great for a cold plunge! 


My favorite local bookstore is: Explore Booksellers.

The best thing about it is: The mom-and-pop feel. The employees always have great book recommendations and are very knowledgeable.


When I need to get away, I take a trip to in: Dunton Hot Springs.

The reason why I love it is: It’s in the middle of nowhere and is set along a beautiful river against the mountains. I like staying in the river camp tents where I journal, drink wine and go for long walks. 


The Live The Process piece Im coveting right now is: The Saturn Bodysuit

I’d wear it to: I’d pair this with New Balance 327 sneakers and an oversized sweater from The Row and a leather jacket, and go just about anywhere

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