Big Bloom

Big Bloom

My name is: Sophia Moreno-Bunge.

My stomping ground is: Venice, CA among others!

You can find me at: Fig Tree (my family’s beachside restaurant, overlooking the ocean). 

I’m known for being: A flower maven.

I'm talking about: My floral design company called, ISA ISA.

You can find it at: In stores and hotels, at dinners and events, all over LA—Eckhaus Latta, Rachel Comey, The Proper hotels, etc.

What brought me to LA was: The ocean, the landscapes, friends, family.

Before I launched this, I was: Working for a florist in New York City and writing about flowers and plants for Remodelista and Gardenista!

What inspired me to create it was: When I moved to LA, I was so inspired by the landscape around me. I  wanted to process everything I was seeing and moved by into floral works that others could experience. I was inspired by the palm tree dates that hang like emerald jewels off palm trees, lavender palm inflorescences like strands of pearls, the bursts of lush fuchsia camellia in the winter, towering 20-ft tall citrus trees heavy with fruit, the fragrant brugmansia blooms—it all started there. 

What makes it different is: We use a lot of local and foraged materials mixed into our work. Each project is unique and different and we love to play off and get inspired by the different spaces we create work for.

My favorite secret detail is: So many ! It’s all about the details for us: the spiky edible chestnut branches, the orchids we use that grow in our garden, the loops and twirls of the amaranth, one of our favorite materials. 

Today’s LA isn’t all glitter and Beverly Hills (like the stereotype). It’s more like: Good art shows, hikes and surfing. 

What helps me live my process in LA is: Surfing and spending time at the beach.

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