Bed Post

Bed Post

My name is: Monika Jalovec.

My stomping ground is: Big Sur, California.

I’m known for being: Spa director at Post Ranch Inn.

I’m talking about: The Post Ranch Sleep Program! The highly curated, holistic sleep package features Dr. Michael Breus—also known as “The Sleep Doctor”—and is available as an add-on to any reservation of two nights or more, though it’s best experienced as part of a three-night visit to allow the mind and body time to ease into the relaxing nature of Big Sur. The package offers dining and spa elements along with a special, on-demand video series from Dr. Breus, plus a gift bag full of sleep-related items that he personally selected.

Before I started this work, I was: Offering massage therapy and energy medicine sessions, as well as sound healing and yoga/meditation classes for our guests. Then, while leading Post Ranch employee trainings, I continued to collaborate, creating signature Post Ranch spa products, treatments and wellness offerings.

My interest in sleep was sparked when: Awhile back, we held a private wellness experience at Post Ranch called, “Healthy Longevity,” and Dr. Breus was a featured speaker. Following the conference, our managing partner, who had struggled with sleep issues, became a patient of Dr. Breus’ and had incredible success. He felt that a sleep program would benefit Post Ranch guests, along with our holistic spa experiences and signature spa products that focus on deep relaxation, all in one of the world’s most tranquil settings.

The idea behind it is: To provide a comprehensive approach to improving the way people sleep each night. The experience includes several elements such as a special sleep dinner created by our culinary director, Chef Reyon Agustin, with ingredients designed to help induce relaxation and a good night’s sleep; two relaxing, sleep-related treatments from our Sleep Spa Menu; and the Sweet Dreams Gift Bag, offering an array of sleep-related items curated by Dr. Breus.

One highlight of the package is the seven-part, on-demand video series that was created exclusively for Post Ranch guests called, “Sleep Sessions with Dr. Michael Breus.” The series provides countless useful takeaways that the guest can to incorporate into their daily and nightly routines to improve sleep, along with an array of tips to personalize sleep for their optimal well-being.

What makes it different is: Our program is unique for several reasons, but the Spa Sleep guided journeys like yoga nidra and wellness experiences like the Big Sur Herbal Tea Ritual with fresh herbs from our onsite garden are key.

The Post Ranch guest room environment is unlike any other too, naturally promoting rest and relaxation. Rooms are free of televisions and alarm clocks and offer custom-made organic mattresses and bedding, along with a soothing natural aesthetic in their architecture and décor.

Our secret ingredient is: The magical setting of Big Sur! We’re fortunate to be set amongst the wilderness, on 100 acres of incredible coastal landscape, which lends itself to rest and relaxation. Coupled with Post Ranch’s unique organic architecture and our welcoming staff, guests naturally rest easy and feel at home. Ultimately, after guests depart Post Ranch, Mother Nature's inspiring, nurturing elements, along with local herbal remedies to bring home, continue the connection to the unique Big Sur energies that help recharge the body, mind, and soul.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: In addition to our certified organic or wildcrafted essential oils blends, The Post Ranch Spa exclusively utilizes Big Sur flower essences in our signature spa products, including a Lavender Flower Essence Mist that is part of the Sweet Dreams Gift Bag.   

Only the purest Big Sur flowers are hand-harvested from Post Ranch’s forests, meadows and organic gardens for our signature and custom aromatherapy blends. Flower essences are spring water-based solutions that contain the essential energies of flowers. The structure of the water molecule is such that it can store these energetic imprints. We respond to the healing qualities of the flowers based on the principle of resonance. In this way, we raise our vibrational frequency while simultaneously dropping back into our essential, natural state of wholeness. Flower essences remind us that the answers are in attuning to the healing powers of nature, making it a perfect inclusion in our Sleep Package.

Sleep is so important because: I think it’s safe to say that everything we do each day is done better with a good night’s sleep. Sleep enables you to recharge and feel more lively throughout the day, and offers the added benefits of boosting the immune system, lowering risk of health issues and improving concentration and productivity. Sleep is, without a doubt, one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle.

My bedtime ritual is: It starts with a hot shower or bath and herbal tea, followed by a spritz of our Post Ranch Spa signature Big Sur Flower Essence, and finally yoga nidra.

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