An Escape to Satori Wellness at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

An Escape to Satori Wellness at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

My name is: Barbara Murphy-Shannon.

I'm known for being: a life coach and the Satori Wellness program coordinator at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa.

It’s been open since: 2001.

I was drawn to this destination because: In addition to Sanctuary being one of the top spas in the country, its energy and design, extensive menu of unique Asian-inspired services and Satori Wellness Retreats drew me on both a personal and professional level.

This place is special because: With 53 acres of inspiring views and a special focus on one-of-a-kind wellness experiences, the resort is truly a “sanctuary.” One of our unique offerings is the Satori Wellness Retreats. We believe that no two people or experiences are the same and, thus, all Satori Retreats are customized for each guest, based on individual needs and goals.

Since its inception, our Satori Retreats have been a huge hit amongst our guests. In fact, during Sanctuary’s 2016 debut of Spa House, it even inspired a specialized multi-day Spa House Satori program customized to meet needs of any group!

When it comes to well-being, we’re all about: At Sanctuary, we embrace the body, mind and spirit (or soul) concept and how each element is intertwined to create balance in life. For us, the wellness and spa experience is about more than just the physical—it’s also about one’s mental well-being and sense of purpose. Without purpose, our lives are inevitably unbalanced.

One thing you can’t miss is: our Soul Connect Treatment. Its focus is on helping participants connect with their “higher selves” by aligning their physical, emotional and spiritual sides. The journey begins with meditation aided by divinity cards that help establish focus and purpose. Guests are then intuitively guided through an experience that combines chakra balancing and physical restoration with massage and energy work.

Your body will thank you because: In addition to our state-of-the-art spa facilities, Sanctuary Spa is home to a team of specially trained staff called “Sensei Therapists.” Each Sensei has had rigorous training and passed multiple certification exams, bringing no less than seven years of experience in massage therapy and bodywork to the table. With all this in mind, guests can relax knowing they are in the hands of the most seasoned spa healers, experiencing the most exclusive of specialized treatments. Of the services offered, I highly recommend the Golden Lotus Balancing Ritual. It’s rooted in traditional Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine and involves a cocoon. Trust me: you won’t regret it!

Escaping is part of my process because: It helps me refresh my sense of purpose. We all need time to escape the pressures of everyday life and to recharge our minds and bodies. Meditation, spa days, hiking or attending a retreat—these are all ways I find to escape.

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