An Escape to La Tente at Muse Saint Tropez

An Escape to La Tente at Muse Saint Tropez

My name is: Melissa Mettler.

I'm known for being: I create spa environments and experiences for YTL Hotels, and, most recently, “La Tente” at Muse Saint Tropez.

It’s been open since: summer season 2018.

I was drawn to this destination because: The South of France is undeniably magical. Layer that landscape with the glamour and tales of Saint Tropez, and I felt we had a duty to birth this wellness aspect to our property, Muse. 

This place is special because: The setting of La Tente is truly a sublime canvas on which to paint our experiences. We’ve designed an open-air luxury safari tent tucked away in the gardens, which allows guests to become immersed in another world, connecting to the rhythm of the natural Provençal environment. The scents of cypress and lavender breeze from the garden, enveloping your body, as those same precious essential oils bathe your skin during hand-blended aromatherapy treatments.

When it comes to well-being, we’re all about: creating spaces in time—in just the right environments—for connection, which ultimately creates opportunities to facilitate the intrinsic evolution of self. Our experiences are unique, organic and symbiotic, bringing to life the healing culture and ingredients of the region.

Hotel Muse

One thing you can’t miss is: The Pablo. Our two-hour signature includes deep body work, enhanced with Muse’s house aromatherapy oil of lemon, cypress and lavender and steamed pouches of detoxifying herbs clipped from the garden—cypress, juniper, myrtle. Very powerful. 

Your body will thank you because: You’ve taken a short holiday to visit your body and say, “Hello! You’re not alone! I love you!”

While you’re in the neighborhood, you must try: The Saturday Market in Place des Lices. Everything from overflowing artichokes pallets of chanterelles and sausages to breezy linen sundresses, antiques and chic reading glasses. Love it!

Escaping is part of my process because: Life would be pretty lackluster without regular escapism, right?!

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