A SoCal Retreat for the Best Year Yet

A SoCal Retreat for the Best Year Yet

My name is: Alyson Charles.

I'm known for being: The RockStar Shaman

I’m hosting a retreat called:Best Year Yet.” 

It’s located at: Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in Rancho Santa Fe, California; January 28-31, 2018.

I was drawn to this spot because: It is the perfect blend of luxury and nature. My “Best Year Yet” retreat is all about highest vibrations for mind, body, spirit and soul, so each person knows they are being held in an incredibly powerful and safe space for their transformation. It’s about connecting back to our power and truth by reconnecting to the rhythms of nature and allowing ourselves opulence and luxury in beautiful surroundings. This communicates deeply to our souls that we are recognizing and valuing our worth and able to receive love. And the foundation of any big, positive change is the connection to self-love and self-respect!

This retreat is special because: It's truly unlike any other retreat. I am a powerful energy conduit and catalyst for change, so—on an energetic level—guests will be receiving medicine and guidance that is specifically for their soul’s highest, greatest good. I will help each person create a foundation point from which to build and get set on the right path to manifest their soul’s greatest visions and goals. The rituals, practices and day trips I’ll be sharing are based on ancient wisdom that is thousands of years old. And we’re mixing that with deep self-care and relaxation. So, there will be hikes, morning meditations and journaling, a trip to a self-realization center on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, spa treatments, cozy card-reading and ritual nights, the most incredible food and an immersion into the best way to awaken each individual’s gifts! We’re getting back to our true power to initiate 2018 as “The Best Year Ever”!

One thing you can’t miss is: Your guided journey with me to meet your spirit animal. You’ll be able to ask them any questions you choose, so you can get the answers and support you need for your life path, moving forward. The inward work that I facilitate is the game changer of all game changers!

Your body will thank you because: You will be moving it, connecting to it and waking up energies within in ways you never have before. Our earthly body is the sacred container for all we do; you will have designed a space for your visions and goals to healthfully and sustainably live and grow.

I never retreat without bringing: Must have Palo Santo! I start each day using it to clear my own aura and connect to Mother Earth and Source. I also use it with every session to clear the space. It is the tool that communicates to the Universe that we invite its guidance and love to show us the way!

Retreating is part of my process because: The most powerful times in my life have been when I’ve let the “go-go-go” patterns and tendencies in me stop. And it is only then that the energy can take shape within us, so we may move forward in a more upgraded form. The powerful pause is everything—and the grandest and most divine way to indulge.

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