A Provencal Retreat with Curry Yoga

A Provencal Retreat with Curry Yoga

Our names are: Andrea and Christina Curry. 

We’re known for being: yoga teachers and sisters who teach yoga retreats around the world together. Our company is called Curry Yoga.

We’re hosting a retreat called: Nurture Yourself: A Yoga and Cycling Retreat in Provence, France lead by the sister duo Andrea and Christina Curry.

It’s located at: Domaine Saint Jacques Estate in Blauvac, Provence, France;

October 1-7, 2017. 

We were drawn to this spot because: our dear friends, sisters Estelle and Lilly, are also yoga enthusiasts with great taste and incredible experience in the fashion world. The 500-year-old estate has been in their family for several generations. As they were about to renovate, we were looking for a high-end yoga space in Provence. A conversation at a NYC party inspired the creation of this beautiful yoga retreat space. Skilled masons renovated the two buildings by hand, and, thanks to the sisters’ exquisite taste and attention to detail, the space is authentic Provence—full of luxurious details.  

This retreat is special because: our Provence retreats (we offer at least three per year) host a maximum of fourteen people spread through two different houses. This allows for an incredible amount of personal attention in regards to yoga, food, village tours, cycling etc. Our retreats attract like-minded groups of people, who are quite established in their lives. The bonds and connections created at each of our retreats are life-changing. 

In terms of the retreat size, we wanted people to have a chance to be a part of a group, yet also have plenty of time to be alone. The two pools, hundreds of acres of hiking trails, the monastery next door and the hundreds of options for cycling courses make this a retreat that is catered to each person specifically.

Blauvac is located near the base of Mont Ventoux, a leg of the Tour de France.  We’ve partnered with a cycling company, a representative from which speaks directly to each guest ahead of time and creates the perfect cycling day trips for each person. Many retreat participants are not cyclists and they find plenty to do too between village tours (there are several quaint villages in the area), relaxing by the pool and exploring the estate grounds. For this reason, our retreats are also ideal for couples, even if one enjoys cycling and the other does not. They can participate in the yoga classes together, while also having space to do their own thing.

Our yoga teaching is approachable and down to earth, as we always offer relevant information with the end goal of inspiring participants who head home with great motivation for a sustained personal practice—until their next Curry Yoga Retreat.

All skill levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome. Through years of experience, we are able to offer classes that motivate and teach to all levels at once.

One thing you can’t miss is: at least one early morning walk to the neighboring monastery for meditation.

Your body will thank you because: As we are sisters, we are very connected and compliment each other well. While one of us teaches, the other walks around adjusting and giving plenty of hands-on assistance. This helps to ground you deeper into your own practice, releasing layers of stress and tension and healing through proper alignment.

We never retreat without bringing: a journal (to record thoughts and inspiration), a wrap (for mediation and savasana) and essential oils (from Enfleurage in NYC, as well as lavender bought in the markets in Provence).

Retreating is part of my process because: Retreat is necessary at least once a year. By taking yourself out of your daily routine and immersing yourself into a potent experience, you are able to surrender to the questions and answers that arise for you. You are also able to explore and release habits that may not be serving you, as well as take time to think about all that you would like to manifest for the year ahead. 

We use creative sequencing and open dialogue to allow our intimate retreats to strengthen the mind and body and encourage inner peace and relaxation. Our exclusive locations add another dimension to the retreat experience, allowing students to fully immerse themselves into their practice and enjoy this inner journey. Experiencing the unknown is always an accelerated way to learn and grow.

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