A Moment with WMN Space

A Moment with WMN Space

For Paula Mallis, selfless love is the answer.

As soon as the doula, spiritual counselor and facilitator of women’s gatherings embarked on the journey to motherhood, she felt an internal shift. And she was open to that transformation.

Ultimately, she found that becoming a mother not only expanded her worldview, but made her want to help shepherd other women through the birthing process—not only of their babies, but also of their new selves.

After years of supporting a community of women from her home, in January 2017, she opened WMN Space in Culver City, California. There, women can convene for support of all kinds—from the physical to the spiritual to the emotional.

Here, she explains why, when all else fails, love is the answer:

Live The Process: You experienced a big shift in your outlook after becoming a mother. How and why did your perspective change?

Paula Mallis: Pre-motherhood, I approached life from an ungrounded place within myself. I was living out a life I had only known as a maiden—with a more selfish approach, but I wanted more and had always wanted to be a mother. After giving birth, my whole life shifted. I began to view the world through the eyes of a mother. When you become a mother, you are called into more of a selfless way of living and approaching life. As I was preparing for the birthing process, I wanted to experience the spiritual side of birth. I was going through a huge shift within, asking all the inner questions, and I was calling forward a transformational experience. I was ready for something different and a new way of being.   

LTP: You guide women through birth—both literally of babies, but also through various stages in their lives. Why is it important that women support each other, especially right now? 

PM: Women supporting women is healing, and it’s in our innate nature to be drawn together. When we gather as women with the intention to support, love and practice non-judgmental observation, we create space for magic and deep connection. Collectively, we are experiencing a tremendous shift into the conscious feminine rising on the planet. We need each other now more than ever.  

"We are experiencing a tremendous shift into the conscious feminine rising on the planet."

With this in mind, I offer doula support and facilitate Women’s Circles and gatherings and private healing sessions, applying the practices and principles of spiritual psychology. 

LTP: How did you come to open WMN space?

PM: WMN Space opened at the end of January 2017. It was created and inspired by all the women I held space for in my home. My home was where we gathered for the past three years. I felt it was time to take what we were doing under the radar and provide a space in public, so all women could have access to the work.

WMN Space offers an array of healing modalities: Conscious Conception, Pregnancy, Doula support, Postpartum support, Somatic Bodywork, Postpartum Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Vaginapractor, Breathwork, Sound Healing and more. 

The space is a safe haven for women. It’s warm, minimal and inviting and feels like you are in a home. The design and buildout was inspired by our house, which my husband, Todd Mallis, built. The white oak hardwood floors are one of my favorite elements because they’re grounding and support the womb feeling. 

LTP: What wellness rituals and regimens keep you feeling balanced and healthy?

PM: The Moon Juice crew makes me a “Paula Special” smoothie every morning with cacao, banana, coconut butter, almond milk, blue adaptogen protein powder and ashwaganda. I love True Botanicals skincare line and Microcurrent Facials with Sadie Adams from Take Care Spa. I practice mindful integrated Pilates twice a week at Groundspace for movement and meditation, along with a daily meditation practice. And, of course, I dive into classes and workshops at WMN Space that I am not facilitating. 

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

PM: For me, residing in the truth of who I am at my most authentic level results in happiness and bliss. 

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day? 

PM: Life is a process, not an event. The process is to move from a place of self-compassion, self-love and self-forgiveness, practicing nonjudgmental observation of ourselves and others. And, when all else fails, just come back to love, which is the true essence of who we all are at our core.

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