A Moment With Tracey Ash

A Moment With Tracey Ash

Tracey Ash wants to coach you to live magnificently.

Fascinated and surrounded by philosophy, religion and metaphysics since childhood, a teenage Ash was inspired by Shirley MacLaine's books, which led to her discovery of The College of Psychic Studies and the Theosophical Society as a young adult. Those formative years of her twenties—a journey of personal highs and lows—ultimately served as a catalyst, moving her to seek out a mystical life path and spiritual readings.

Since, the now Life Vision consultant has studied myriad sacred methodologies and has dedicated her life to helping thousands of people harness their highest energy frequencies to experience monumental inner awakening and boundless self-transformation. The passionate teacher has lead scores of seminars and individual counseling sessions and has authored lauded books including her upcoming tome, Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing: The Source Codes for High Frequency.

Here, Ash shares her tips on how to maintain a commitment to positive change in 2015

Live The Process: What prompted you to begin training in Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Shintoism, yoga, Transcendental Meditation, visual entrainment, western meditation technologies, visualization and positive thinking, Shamanism, subtle energy healing, traditional mediumship, trance channeling and lucid dreaming?

Tracey Ash: This world has always fascinated me since childhood. I am on a lifelong journey to understand the deeper meaning of our existence and how we can create a better world and increase the value held of human life.

In my childhood, healing and mediumship through generations of my family surrounded me. In my teens, I was deeply inspired by Shirley MacLaine's books. In my twenties, I discovered The College of Psychic Studies and the Theosophical Society. At that time, a Tibetan family adopted me and we would have dinner parties with exiled Tibetan monks who would speak with immense dignity of their years held in captivity. True teachings come from the incredible life journeys of spiritual masters. In my early twenties, a near-death experience opened me further to explore a deeper, spiritual path.

Shamanism or spirituality is destiny; you do not choose it and my path was clear from childhood. My life purpose is to help others. I am fascinated by discovering and researching the best of transformation, meditation and manifestation technologies. I now work with PSI Science Institute Japan—an elite group of world-renowned scientists. I became deeply committed to researching and hitting on the groundbreaking frequencies that create miracles and lasting change. I have absolutely no interest in two-minute, diluted pseudo spirituality. I dislike wallpapering and instead love quality journeys of honest self-discovery and transformation, whether it is in meditation, deeply inspirational activities or in the relationships we hold dear in life. Everything that I have learned is now channeled to inspire and transform for positive change, influencers and the new evolutionary template around the world. I spend my time between the UK, Japan, Egypt and the United States. Every technology can help redefine and unlock individuals. Having this massive resource allows me to help as many individuals as possible within a huge range of technologies. I love this world and I love filming what the new template of evolution is: tangible frequencies; powerful stuff for massive change, super-speed transformation and manifestation.

LTP: What inspired your new book?

TA: Back in 2011, during the Arab Spring events, I was in Egypt with my retreat group. We traveled against Foreign Commonwealth Office advice in order to complete a Return to Light Journey at the ancient monuments. On the final day, a door opened to The Source Codes—timeless ancient wisdom for world change and the highest energy frequencies to accelerate monumental awakening and transformation. Every individual in the group went on to be magnificent change makers in their own right. It was a phenomenal experience that was filmed.

The book was written to share knowledge on the next evolutionary template. We have been immersed in the same popular literature in the human potential field and some of it is pretty tame and isn't going to deliver the breakthroughs and world change you dream of. Some information is outdated but we can't see the way to become powerful contributors of change. The book takes us into a new frontier of super-speed transformation and awakening. You will no longer consume coping strategies and repeat pain cycles that lock you to me, me, me. The book explores the science of meditation, new evidence of Egyptology that takes us back thousands of years and provides a simple, meditation program to live this new template. This new template ensures the survival of the world. We can lead the way in the human potential field if we start living powerful purpose and healing in all we do every day. The next phase is love and we need big love for change and for you to be magnificent.

LTP: You have lead many seminars on techniques to affect positive change. Can you talk about the importance of connecting with our breath?

TA: Breath work is fascinating, as the simplicity takes us into knowing breath and consciousness are infinitely connected and we can evolve phenomenally every day of our lives by utilizing this. Advanced breath work takes us into the advanced arena of yogi, shaman and mystic. The breath is life force; life force is incredible alignment, health and wellbeing magnificence.

The beauty and simplicity of the breath allows us to be awake. If we are awake and magnificent we can powerfully and responsibly contribute to our world. Often, not enough emphasis is placed upon the breath in conjunction with meditation technologies and daily life experiences. In one conscious breath we can hold love and life in the lens of our awareness, and from this comes the gift of responsibility. In the breath we can simply master our stories and choose to listen and create our most magnificent stories and journeys in life. It helps us surrender to and transform challenging moments in life. It helps us to find ourselves in life. When we have understanding, we have greater freedom.

This is the foundation for training in any human potential technology. I absolutely love teaching and developing excellent and magnificent individuals of change, whether it manifests in new family templates or world change pioneers. We can all become better individuals and this starts with quality inner work.

LTP: Many people take the opportunity to set an intention for the New Year. What advice can you offer to help them maintain their commitment?

TA: Knowing you is key. Dedicated inner work, meditation or giving yourself loving space allows you to know yourself. Create that essential space and time to deepen your relationship with you. Listen to what you really want. Often I will carve out the time and silence for a long walk at an earth power site, in nature or with loving people. Remember this work holds incredible magical potential with others.

I make the space to listen and create at this special time of year. It is my family tradition to write down our year wishes on New Years Eve—my daughters have done this with me from an early age, as dreaming and manifestation is magically freeing and potent in the wisdom of little ones. I am always clear that my dreams include my contribution to family and friends, earth and humanity. When you envision a precise template and surrender your life, stories can unfold in the wonder of magic.

This is my absolute top tip: Know that what you are choosing you absolutely love and surrender it. Magical manifestation is about passion and high frequency. Hold high frequency as sacred. Raise your bar of excellence; surprise yourself with dreaming incredible dreams and using technologies to ignite the energy levels to create. If you believe you can't, you won't; if you believe your motivation will deplete, it will. Use love and meditation daily to keep on igniting your dream. Schedule your diary for mobile alerts to remind you of the dreams you are waiting to manifest. Do you really want to shelve that dream for a decade or, worse still, all your life? And, finally, promise you will never allow yourself to be limited by yourself or others.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

TA: Happiness is many, many things. It’s the words, feelings and actions that speak truth. Being in love with life and feeling my soul alive and flying. Seeing and feeling love and truth shine in others. Loving my daughters. Talking with my husband about loving each other more and creating our dreams together. Riding horses with him in the silence of the Sahara between the ancient monuments and pyramids of Egypt.

My life is a journey of loving travel in many spheres of life. Sunsets and stars, beautiful moments and beautiful people, the hope of peace and love for the world, teaching beautiful souls, sharing my message, visiting an ancient power site, being in the presence of magnificent individuals, fabulous dinner parties, blissful reflections and meditations.

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live The Process" and how do you do that every day?

TA: Life is about being absolutely, passionately and magnificently alive and ready to grasp every opportunity and to always learn until your final breath. Life is for living. Spirituality is living every moment of every day and finding truth, love and the magic.

Find more information about consultations and conscious retreats with Tracey Ash here.

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