A Moment with Tatiana Ringsby

A Moment with Tatiana Ringsby

Tatiana Ringsby wants you to love yourself more.

Born and bred in Hawaii, the model and beauty lover was raised by a mother who pushed healthy food and living. Eventually, those lessons rooted and—combined with an innate love of self-care—inspired Ringsby to create a hugely popular DIY beauty-driven Youtube channel (for which she shoots and edits her own videos), as well as two Instagram platforms (one of which is dedicated to her health and wellness discoveries).

Here, Ringsby explains why she’s so passionate about spreading a message of positivity:

Live The Process: When—and from where—did your interest in wellness and beauty emerge?

Tatiana Ringsby: I have always been very into wellness and beauty. My mother is kind of a health freak, and that trait was definitely passed down. I was more or less raised on broccoli, black beans and quinoa as my main food groups. I put up a bit of resistance as a kid, but have grown to love it. My mom has taught me so much. I was raised with a great awareness about what I put into my body and realized how much it reflects on the outside. Endless veggies, herbal supplements, essential oils, yoga lessons and being in nature—those are the things that made me who I am. My mother always said, “You’ll thank me later.” I guess later is now. Thanks, Mama!

LTP: How important a role does beauty play in your day-to-day life? Did you amass most of your knowledge from modeling, or did you already have a grasp on the subject?

TR: Beauty plays a major role in my life. It’s a huge aspect of my job. I have definitely expanded my beauty knowledge by being on set and working with different makeup artists and hairstylists, but my main love of beauty and products stems from years of watching and creating YouTube videos. I would be inspired by different artists and would experiment with various techniques to create my own style.

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