A Moment With Tamu McPherson

A Moment With Tamu McPherson

Tamu McPherson inspires others by sharing her own commitment to wellness.

The blogger, photographer, contributing style editor at Lucky Magazine and director of style and digital content at Out There Creative Agency has always been health-conscious, giving her body what it needs and exercising regularly. Often on the go, she offers outsiders a glimpse into her fashion-fueled lifestyle, fashion in Milan, and documents her dedication to activity and nutrition via her blog, All the Pretty Birds, and her well-followed Instagram feed.

Here, McPherson explains how she hit her stride in maintaining her health and how motivating others brings her happiness

Live The Process: What inspired you to increase your commitment to living a health-conscious lifestyle?

Tamu McPherson: I have always been relatively health-conscious, exercising regularly and eating well. I stepped up the game this January after having a stubborn bout of strep throat, which I never had before and which I took as a sign that I was exhausted and running on empty.

LTP: You often post pictures on Instagram of going for a run, working out at the gym and the healthy meals you make yourself. What motivates you to share your journey with others?

TM: I personally was motivated by Hannah Bronfman's Instagram feed. She looks amazing, eats really well and is extremely enthusiastic about healthy living. It was her enthusiasm that inspired me and encourages me to share with others. Great nutrition and regular activity are life-enhancing and, if I can help others achieve that through my pictures, then I'm happy.

LTP: What’s your biggest obstacle to staying healthy and on your wellness path?

TM: Currently, there isn’t much of one. Since I trained for the San Francisco half-marathon with Nike, I've learned that, once you have your training shoes, you can train just about anywhere. I don't get too hung up about food. There are days in Milan or abroad when I can't have the meals that I prefer, but I think that it's more important to eat regularly and not skip meals because then you aren't able to stick to your regime.

LTP: How has your diverse background, coupled with your global travels, shaped the way you live your life?

TM: I think that it's helpful to be familiar with different cultural traditions. You can pick and choose different aspects of different cultures to incorporate into your own lifestyle.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

TM: Knowing that my friends and family are happy.

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live The Process" and how do you do that every day?

TM: It means following my instincts, learning from my mistakes, appreciating the complexities of life, not sweating the small stuff and being good to others, which is my intent each day.

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