A Moment With Pure Potions

A Moment With Pure Potions

Brooke Rewa and Lauren Dodge were meant to find each other.

Both women discovered their passion for wellness early on: Dodge—an herbalist and Auyervedic expert—spent her childhood surrounded and infatuated by plants and nature. That, combined with her inherent compassion, fueled her to launch botanical wellness line, Fruits To The Roots.

Rewa—a superfood expert—discovered juicing and holistic nutrition after struggling with her own digestive issues. Ultimately, she launched Renew Juicery, an organic, cold-pressed, glass bottled juice company known for its functional offerings and delicious flavor profiles. Soon after, she launched almond milk brand, Mylk, and LA herbal healing and cryotherapy destination, Renew Juicery Wellness Center.

When the two women met by chance at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market, it was a wellness match made in heaven. In a “great minds” instance, they realized they were both toying with the same concept: a collection of herbal and superfood elixirs. Ultimately, together they launched Pure Potions, satisfying that desire.

Here, Rewa and Dodge explain why releasing energy and striving for authenticity are so important to wellness:

Live The Process: What led you each respectively to the wellness world?

Lauren Dodge: There is no easy answer to this, but, to simplify, I would have to say, compassion. I have always loved seeing others happy and healthy. While I’ve been healing and working with herbs for just short of ten years, it feels like something I have always done. It began in earnest when I realized that the intuitive and guided healing I had discovered for myself was something I needed to share with others.

This was an incredibly unexpected shift for me, but was also like a friendly “Welcome home!” from a world that has inspired me since a very young age. When I was a child, I lived for secret and fantastical gardens. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by beauty in nature. My earliest memories are picking blueberries and learning the names of all the garden flowers. When I look back, I realize that I still think about plants with the same joy and eagerness as my young self. After searching for my place in the world, it seems so obvious to me now that I would be working alongside nature’s medicine. Truly, life works in mysteries.

Brooke Rewa: Certainly, a lot of things led me down this path. I became a vegetarian when I was young and even starting exploring veganism, which was very strange to my family of dairy farmers and hunters. I decided I wanted to start a juice line after spending a year in and out of doctors’ offices trying to figure out some serious digestive issues. In the end, there were no definitive answers, and I was sent off just to deal with it on my own. Luckily, I discovered the power of juicing and cutting processed food out of my diet and my health turned around in a matter of days.

My process of feeling so frustrated, confused and helpless led me down this path of wanting to empower people to take control of their own health.

LTP: This is not the first wellness-related venture for either of you. Can you talk a bit about those other projects?

LD: When I began creating Fruits to the Roots, my botanical wellness company, I envisioned a wellness model that, at its heart, maintained very specific ideals: respect for the Earth and the medicine it can so abundantly give. An enormous piece of the puzzle is the understanding and knowledge of herbal health, healing and living, as well as the ability to embrace all healing potential through alignment with the rhythms and patterns of the universe. I also wanted to create sensorial experiences and storytelling remedies/services that could be accessible to as many people as possible, while keeping the experience authentic, spiritual and delicious!

BR: My juice line, Renew Juicery, is something I'm so proud of and, after two years, I'm still obsessed with every single product.

Our juices are cold-pressed, raw, organic and bottled in glass. We also add medicinal herbs and superfoods to many of them to make them super functional and nutritionally dense. Each juice has a purpose beyond just being healthy and tasty. The motivation behind this is to help people realize their wellness potential. Along those lines, we also offer Cryotherapy at our Wellness Center (Renew Juicery Wellness Center) location in Mar Vista. There, you can also purchase any of our eight different flavored almond mylks, local grab-and-go items and herbs and superfoods in bulk. We’re more than just a juice bar; we're a wellness destination.

LTP: How did you conceive the idea for Pure Potions and what did that entail?

LD: Brooke and I met at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market. She was looking for lavender for Mylk, and we connected almost immediately. Pure Potions began as this idea on which we each individually were working. Amazingly, one day we both opened up to each other about this product we felt was missing from our lives! What we were trying to create, while very much the same, needed to feel true to each of our separately developed, existing companies. I remember going through names one day; we were throwing it all out there. The word “potion” just kept coming up. We both loved it! However, we wanted to be sure that the title relayed even more information about the product, and when “pure” came up, it was magic! We couldn’t wait to share Pure Potions with the world and have it in our homes. We officially launched in December 2015.

LTP: Do you each have a favorite?

LD: A favorite?! Well, our upcoming release is enveloping my senses a lot lately, but I’d have to say, Beauty. I drink it every single day—Je t’adore!

BR: They all have a special place in my heart, but I find myself using Brilliance most often. It definitely clears any brain fog and makes me feel grounded and energized. Plus, it tastes delicious, like a decadent hot chocolate.

LTP: Are there other wellness rituals or regimens that you practice to keep yourself feeling balanced?

LD: Nature, art, indigenous experiences and intuition are my optimal sources for inspiration. The more I can connect and revel in these moments, the happier I am and the more fluid my creativity is. My morning ritual usually begins with a cup of tea, oracle work, meditation and journaling. I love to gather wild herbs and forage when and where it is respectful to do so. I love to take baths and hike on full moon evenings. And I always keep a bottle of geranium oil on my person, rose in the bedroom, lavender oil in the kitchen and sage near the entrance of my home. My evening rituals vary, but an all-time favorite is the recalling of energy I have released during my day. You can do this with a salt box, grounding with your toes in the earth, or just a visualization/meditation picturing your energy reintegrating with your essence. When you know where your energy rests, it helps you sleep better.

BR: Baths and chocolate are two things I try to incorporate very often. In a perfect world, I would be doing yoga and mediation on a daily basis, but that’s a reality I'm working toward (slowly).

My nighttime ritual is really my most important wellness practice: I turn on my salt lamp and rub my feet with body oil mixed with lavender or frankincense. Once I'm tucked under the covers, I close my eyes and ask the universe to return all the energy I put out that day. The process really makes me check in with my body and gives me a chance to decompress from the day.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

LD: Happiness is my home with a garden full of enchantment and ever-growing fare in which I can share sacred space with guests, loved ones, the wonders of nature and my inspiring husband.

BR: My 9lb maltese. My fiance. My customers and my community of other wellness entrepreneurs.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

LD: To me it speaks of presence and a certain quality of life. To not only allow yourself the freedom to be at peace wherever you find that you are, but the bravery to be honestly you in that moment. For me, life is about a deeper sense of reconnection in this mystifying world. Part of that process is finding a place where we are creating authenticity within our individual experiences so that we may collaborate more intentionally with others. It’s about taking steps to unify the body, spirit, and soul. It’s about compassion and a peaceful light that will endure in all that we do.

BR: For me, it means to find what you love and go for it in every aspect of your life. Surround yourself with the people you love and who love you back. Stay grounded and make sure you’re enjoying each moment. Wake up grateful. Go to bed grateful. And, on the days you don’t do those things, don't judge yourself; just make up for it the next day!

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