A Moment with Phylia de M.

A Moment with Phylia de M.

For Kazu Namise, health has roots. 

When Namise was 19 years old, her mother was recovering from breast cancer treatments and had the good fortunate to meet a special couple, Dr. and Mrs. Miyayama. They introduced her to their science-based, safe and natural Japanese hair regrowth line—and it worked like magic.

Namise was so impressed by her mother’s results that she tried the product herself and, as someone who had always had thin hair in part thanks to mismanaged emotional stress, she was amazed. She asked Dr. Miyayama to explain the science behind the products, which involved treating the function of hair growth as a way to release heavy metal toxins from the body, among other things. He believed that the hair is a channel to total body health.

Ultimately, she proposed bringing this formula to the US and European markets and launched her line, Phylia de M., which treats hair growth as an integral bodily function. 

Here, Namise explains why the key to satisfaction is taking the time to do things well:

Live The Process: Were you always draw to haircare or did you discover that passion later in life?

Kazu Namise: Growing up, I never had any conscious interest in the beauty industry. It wasn’t until I discovered my godparents’ line, which transformed my hair over a short period of time, that I became interested in exploring it more.

LTP: When did you launch Phylia de M.—your godparents’ haircare collection—in the US?

KN: We launched Phylia de M. in November of 2011. My godparent’s line was and is still available in Japan. It’s sold mainly in salons and barbershops; places where there’s an opportunity to educate the customer.

LTP: What differentiates your haircare line from others out there?

KN: Our founding scientist, Dr. Miyayama, was truly a pioneer in health-based haircare. In the 1980s, he developed the concept of “holistic hair biology”—or the idea that our hair growth is a detoxifying metabolic bodily process that truly relates to our overall health. So, our haircare approach starts with targeted care of our bodies. The healthier your hair growth function is, the better your hair will look and feel. In addition to developing natural high-performance haircare formulas, we also offer a proprietary supplement drink called Fulphyl, which is pure fulvic acid to optimize health from the inside out. In addition, we have an advanced detail assessment called Scalp Sense, which helps guide our customers towards more meaningful healing and results. For example, if you have thinning at the crown of your head, this could be connected to kidney health issues.

"Our hair growth is a detoxifying metabolic bodily process."

LTP:  With your no doubt busy schedule, what do you do to keep yourself feeling balanced and healthy?

KN: What keeps me the most balanced is when I manage my time well; when I allow all of the things I have to do to have enough space so that I can accomplish each task without rushing. Having the space and time to tackle my to-do list makes me feel more at ease, and I’m able to approach things without stress and put my best effort forward. In just doing that, I find that everything else falls into place because I’m able to be completely present.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

KN: I find that I am content and wanting for nothing when I’m fully engaged in things that bring me meaning and sustain my curiosity and creativity. I’m filled with happiness in the moments when I feel gratitude and can express that.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

KN: Living the process means being mindful to adjust my pace and tempo to do anything and all things diligently—or the “right” way—and not rush things.

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