A Moment with Nadine Jade Astrology

A Moment with Nadine Jade Astrology

For Nadine Jane, “What’s your sign?” is way more than a pickup line.

Even as a kid, the now coveted astrologer was interested in the link between people and their birthdays. The more she learned, the more fascinated she became. Now, everyone from her private clients to 50,000 plus Instagram followers hang on her every word, as she gives the inside scoop on cosmic occurrences and helps people around the world “unpack” their unanswered questions.

Here, Jane gives us a glimpse at what 2019 might bring (hint: prepare for some much-needed lightness!):

Live The Process: When you discovered astrology, did you instantly recognize it as a way to examine the psyche?

Nadine Jane: When I was nine, I remember reading that one of my favorite female soccer players shared the same birthday as me. The article said she was an Aquarius. I had no idea what that meant, but it always made me enormously proud to be an Aquarian. It was only once I found out about natal charts that my interest became an obsession. I studied anything and everything I could about my own chart, and that gave way to me reading my friends’ charts, eventually my coworkers’ and now people around the world! 

During my studies, I found the most interesting parts of my chart were the hidden or buried ones. And I was amazed by how much overlap there was in the conversations I was having with my therapist and what I was uncovering in my chart. I ended up using the chart as a map for discovering the sensitive and heartbroken parts of myself that I had lost touch with somewhere along the way. And, from there, I went on a journey to heal them. Because of my experience, I try to do the same with my clients.

LTP: What is your particular approach to helping people through astrology?

NJ: My approach to any reading is to be as open-ended as possible. My goal as an astrologer is to simply to guide you through the chart reading, so you can take away what you need from the reading—not what I think you need. And that is because the chart is not finite. I’m not here to tell you if you will or will not get married, for example. Our will and desires play a major part in our destinies. In my experience, astrology can help you realize your ultimate potential by making peace with who you fundamentally are.

LTP: Are there any astrological trends or events upcoming for 2019 about which we should be aware?

NJ: Things are going to feel a bit lighter this coming year. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has moved into her natural sign of Sagittarius. Since she thrives in Sagittarius, she will be as generous as possible, making life a little bit luckier. You can check my Instagram for details on exactly what this means. 

LTP: Do you have any practices or rituals (aside from your own readings) that keep you feeling balanced and healthy?

NJ: Since my boyfriend moved to New York City a few months ago with his car, we are able to get to the ocean about once a week. I’ve found that it is really grounding for me to get close to nature on a regular basis. It reminds me that there is life outside of this crazy, wild, bustling city.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

NJ: These are not my words, but my idea of perfect happiness is that fourth dimension of existence, where I'm completely present in the here and now. 

LTP: What does it mean to you to Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day? 

NJ: For me, it’s about accepting that what is meant to be will be. And finding the best way to work within that reality. I find that whenever I am being overly controlling or think that I have it all together is when everything seems to fall apart. There is a beauty and a strength in recognizing where we are powerless.

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