A Moment With Medea Juhasz

A Moment With Medea Juhasz

Medea Juhasz finds happiness in purpose.

The fashion sales and marketing executive struggled with substance abuse demons for many years, which left her body in a weakened state. When she discovered wellness, everything changed: She became a holistic health coach and concocted her own kind of superfood cure-all that notably improved her health in the longterm. Ultimately, she realized that she had to share that discovery with others and launched, Catalyst Gold by Herbalore, a prestige superfood supplement made from the highest grade, non-GMO super-greens, herbs, super-fruits and essential minerals.

Here, Juhasz explains why she is so inspired to spread the good word on health to people outside the wellness world:

Live The Process: What first inspired you to create a superfood wellness supplement?

Medea Juhasz: I pretty much subconsciously started developing Catalyst Gold almost a decade ago; it is the exact formula that helped me profoundly transform my own health. To say the least, I was definitely not into health, wellness or spirituality when this journey began. Although I had recovered from addiction issues, I couldn’t get rid of my extreme sugar and fatty food cravings. I was a lifelong binge-eater and overweight. Due to my previous self-destructive lifestyle, I had liver damage, digestive issues, ulcers, a weak immune system, allergies and reoccurring sinus infections. I began studying nutrition and herbalism along, with different dietary theories, in search of curing myself through natural medicine. I started experimenting with herbs, amino acids and, back then, barely known superfoods. It took me a long time to perfect the exact ratio, but, when I finally did, my health issues one-by-one, miraculously started to disappear.

My brand, Herbalore, is inspired by both my studies of nutrition and my personal journey. As a fashion executive and holistic health coach, I wanted to combine my two worlds and figure out a way to reach and help the masses, to create a unique ingestible product that actually works. I'm on a serious mission to change the way people eat and think about a healthy lifestyle (as being hippie and/or difficult to maintain).

LTP: How did you go about creating the best version of your concept?

MJ: As a fashion sales and marketing executive, I always have to think a few steps ahead. It’s like being a mindreader, trying to figure out what people will want in six to twelve months and knowing the exact way to introduce it to them. I wanted to bottle my formula and present it in a way that the non-wellness-minded customer (they are the ones who desperately need help) would be open to trying it. There’s a huge gap between the wellness community and the rest of the world; I figured, if I created a quality natural holistic product with prestige appeal, people might give it a shot.

I interviewed around 40 labs all over the country. I could tell most of them thought I was crazy when I presented them this complex formula. Ultimately, I went with the CGMP-certified lab I'm working with in New York because they were completely transparent and willing to accommodate my special requests, especially when it came down to my “no-fillers, no-binders” criteria. I'm a New Yorker; Herbalore is a New York City brand. I am happy to say that Catalyst Gold is formulated in New York.

LTP: What sets Catalyst Gold apart from other wellness supplements?

MJ: I believe that, if people are given a vehicle through which to turn a health resolution into a permanent lifestyle choice, they will. I call Catalyst Gold the ultimate “one stop shop”  kick starter supplement for those who are new to the wellness party. I specifically formulated Catalyst Gold to reprogram the body on a cellular level, while aiding in necessary nourishment and detoxification without harsh cleanses and unrealistic dietary restrictions. The precise combination and ratio of nutrients helps to create a catalyst effect within the body, assisting in achieving lasting, permanent lifestyle changes. Diets and cleanses don't work; a permanent lifestyle change does.

This unique formula works with your system and gives your body whatever it needs. Catalyst Gold may provide support in boosting the body’s natural ability to cut unhealthy cravings, increase energy levels and enhance all levels of regenerating and beautifying functions or it may help with your metabolism or just simply give you a good night’s sleep.

The supplement launched at one of my favorite luxury natural beauty stores and websites, BeauTeaBar, in April, and is now available at a few luxury beauty boutiques on the East Coast and at Anthropologie online. I'm very excited and honored that Catalyst Gold is the first supplement the Anthropologie buyers have ever believed in enough to offer it.

LTP: Besides taking your own supplements, what wellness rituals and regimens do you practice to keep yourself feeling balanced and healthy? 

MJ: I start my morning with warm lemon water followed by E3 live and Quinton shots, a half teaspoon of Manuka Honey and a glass of fresh green juice with lots of ginger. I do my oil pulling ritual, while I practice my morning prayer and mantras.

I've been on a plant-based diet for over eight years now: I consume 80 percent raw and 20 percent cooked unprocessed vegan foods. I love the sun and being outdoors. I take boxing classes and yoga multiple times a week. I try to get eight hours of sleep every night and surround myself with positive energy and good people.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you? 

MJ: New York City during the summer, surrounded by loved ones, friends and family. Happiness is also knowing that you make a difference.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day? 

MJ: For me, living the process is living life one day at a time, always with gratitude. To be honest, I'm still learning sometimes how to live the process fully and be present. It’s important to realize, the process is personal; there is no set timeline. Everyone's journey is unique and different. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

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